World of Warcraft at BlizzConline News Round-Up

Any quarterly report is gonna have higher numbers when an expansion releases at the end of it. That’s pretty obvious.

The more important report is the next one, the one AFTER the release, to see if it lived up to the hype. 9.0.5 is happening for a reason, It’s hemorrhaging.

I treat you like you treat others. don’t like it? keep your mouth shut.

Or I can just block you and not put up with you at all.

That sounds like a good plan. Bye troll!

Good, less trash i have to see.

No thanks nothing they can say or will say that will save this Xpac.

What, gaming companies aren’t allowed to go where the people are?

People game on their phones. Blizz is in business to make money.

I don’t see your disconnect here.


Sadly, we’re not the crowd they cater to anymore.

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Please, it is more like time to display nothing from a team the doesn’t understand time management and the then turn in a crap product.

It’s free, Karen. err, Karren.

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glad there’s a lot of negative feedback here instead of mostly shills being cliche kiss-ups

they need to know that corporate is killing this game for profits

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WoW is the franchise that gave you the money to get where you are now. Why is it our subscriptions were squandered away and a fair portion of what we gave you to build with, wasn’t turned back into creating content not designed around a metric that has NOTHING to do with what your players would enjoy?

What is the ptr for if you do not bother to QA content and let your subscribers suffer an unfinished product? It’s obvious you shilled using the ptr for good reviews and then did your typical ‘bait and switch’ routine. Isn’t that called Lying?


So you no longer play games?

Yeah I do and whales like you exceed its weight limit. Try the next one over but they require a decent IQ to pass, best of luck.

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Happy Birthday! I hope you still get to enjoy it. :smiley:


Don’t need to watch it since everything got leaked today. Thanks interns!

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You haven’t played long enough to understand why he is called that.

Yeah, kinda funny how everyone is going on and on how Successful SL based on its release quarter as if that is the ultimate measure of its success. WoW expansions have hit the 3+ million mark I think every single time.

Lets wait for Q1 and Q2 2021 to see how things are going to go.

Happy birthday!! <3

I am not actively playing WoW Classic. Just thought I should clarify that first. Wouldn’t adding “expansions” onto Classic make it… you know… NOT CLASSIC? I do recall there being some desire when I did play at the start for them to add more xpack features as time goes, but that’s just creating a second WoW and splitting all the work. When the comments wanted more xpacks for classic, it was met by a greater Hell No in chat. I really don’t understand this route.

Then again, playerbase is not exactly the brightest when you had people on day one of Classic wanting to know where they access their collections and heirlooms. Sure some of those were just trolls being stupid, but some were asking a legit question.

Please blizzard, for the love of elune try work on nightborne and other allied races, after the dire news of no continuation of customization many of us feel left out and ignored, nightborne and lightforged draenei are in very bad state and some of us main them and we had high hopes you will mention that those races at least get some love this expansion

I actually got my hours and pay cut 40%, so pretty crappy bday actually =[

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