World of Warcraft and the LGBTQ Community Member's Experience

Nothing about wow feels welcoming. Its actually a surprise there are as many people as there are in game

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It is unfortunate that the Op simply asked a question directed at specific members of the general community. And the radicalized trolls immediately come out of the woodwork, take the topic out of context and start fighting. Creating a hostile environment.

If the child would of consulted me about posting this topic I would of advised her not to. It’s too late now. Alas some of the forum people can’t handle peaceful intelligent topic discussion.

I can see why people shy away. I know the trolls are regular residents of the forums.
But their level of vehemence and viciousness in this thread is appalling.


I am a troll. Yes and a jerk. But this time I will help…for once.

If you are lgbtq person and want to respond to the OP’s questions. Just do so.

If trolls come on and start spewing there toxicity. Just ignore them, i.e; don’t respond to them. Their agenda is to get people upset and angry. If you respond to an obvious troll you will be playing into their hands. The more you fight with them the better they like it. They want to stoke Drama! Create hostility, derail the thread.

So just ignore the trolls. And respond to the Op’s original topic questions.

You have a right as a forum member to post replies to topics just like everyone else.

Ok that’s my good deed for the year. now I’m off to create havoc some where else.

Good luck people.


The funny thing is at first the lgbtq people were suspicious of the op. then came in people that at first I thought were trolls but then realized that they were just stupid morons who dislike lgbtq people. I say stupid morons because if they where bigots why bother reading a thread that specifies lgbtq in the title.

So having a few simple questions directed to lgbtq people. Garnered our op resentment if not out right hatred from both the straight and lgbtq people. Ok only a few antagonists from both sides. This was apart from some genuine replies from lgbtq respondents. Which was refreshing to see.

What have we learned here. Well I would say an op that mentions lgbtq in a post is seen by both sides as an instigator. The lgbtq will attack the op. And so will the bigots. I find that interesting How the mere mention of lgbtq creates this immediate negative response.

Well op you asked a simple question. I’m guessing out of naivety and got Aggro for it. I wouldn’t worry about it. Human beings are knee-jerk morons. It’s in their DNA

Op, Just continue posting topics and think of this as a learning experience about human nature.

Let people scream and yell. It’s all in a day in the wow forums Lol.

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OP, your thread would have been better accepted in any month other than June.

Op. May I suggest that you check out our forum’s LBGTQ Megathread. You may find it a friendlier environment if you are interested in the wow lgbtq community. I can see that you like to read about peoples personal experiences. If you are interested in the lgbtq community, I think the LBGTQ Megathread my suit your inquisitive nature. Hope this helps.

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Tangan thank you. I will be visiting the lgbtq Megathread, in a few minutes. Yes you are right I am a very curious person. Will be doing a lot of reading there.
Thanks for the advice and the thread link :grinning:

And thank you to everyone who responded to the topic in the spirit of sincerity and friendship :grinning:

Yep the LGBTQ Megathread is a great place for information. I recommend it highly

Now that you mentioned June. I looked it up. June is LGBTQ Pride month. I think that is a cause of celebration!

So…Lets Dance!

This is a month to be happy and excited!

Keep dancing with the Village People

It’s also the month most of the Pride-related trolling happens – which is why I said you would have gotten a better reaction any other month.

I did not know that. Thanks for the info. But lets change all that and make it the month of celebration. :heart:

How many of these do I have to mute??

Good grief.

I think you can like some ppl a lot and realize you’re not the best match for each other. Wish them well and all the best and move on.

If this can be up then cis mega threads should be allowed to stay up. Funny how these get heated and stay up but a cis one does and it’s ended.

Ugh and these terms.

Not sorry. I should be able to voice my opinion and not be silenced.

My perfect example is about bears. I wish I was one. I never will be one. I’m not going to acknowledge (anymore) ppls crazy of something they never will be and never were. And I’m not going to make someone acknowledge this crazy or cancel them bc they do not accept reality which is - I never was or will be a bear.

This is the thing, the mogwai keep getting left in the cold, people shut them out…

Then it rains and they multiply… I sincerely hope that no one feeds them after midnight.

Ah more trash takes from someone who needs to make ridiculous comparisons about something they have a less than pre-school understanding of.

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I remember that film “Gremlins” 1984 I also remember the swimming pool scene when they multiplied. Fun Movie. But I must confess I have no clue what that has to do with the op’s topic?

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Don’t bother trying to figure it out. What they are doing is talking in vailed-speak. Its a form of made-up linguistic code. Guess they have cohorts who “get it”. Most casual readers won’t. It’s like writing on the blackboard in pig Latin. the rest of the class won’t understand it. But their buddy in the back row will snicker.

Maybe Blizz can start issuing decoder rings for the forums. You know the type of toys that came in cracker jack boxes.

Maybe you could stop pretending to know me or speak on my behalf.

It is speaking to the multitude of threads that keep popping up that really don’t need to be here. When one poster disappears 2 more pop in their place.

But I digress I fell for it again, you got me with two low post toons.

Yeah, let’s let more men into woman’s sports so they can beat real woman and have “world firsts”. :clown_face: Woman were suppressed for so long, still are. Absolutely ridiculous.

Can you still not care about each other but totally disagree? Guess not.

I did not pretend to know you. I was addressing some forms of communication some people use on the forums using what you typed as an example.

I find it silly for people to talk like that. This is a forum were people would understand another persons meaning much better and avoid misunderstandings if they talked in plain English.

Yeah, teenagers are killing themselves but lets protect those sports, god knows there’s nothing more important.

Why would I have any reason to care about you?

All I know about you is that you find it funny to necro threads sometimes for some reason and refuse to accept trans people as legitimate because feminism I guess?