World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition


This is Activision Blizzard we’re talking about right?

(Studmuffyn) #14

they could have put in the Blizzard store and not the Gear store :O(


So in Essence. It’s all the same game we already pay to play. But it’s 100 bucks in a white box.
Why not just make it 30 bucks for anyone who is still subbed in these trying times?

(Kaivax) #16

Correct. There’s a collectible inner box and an disposable outer box. We listed the dimensions of the outer box on the site.

The inner box is the same size/shape as previous collectors editions.


Got home from work just in time to find it’s sold out. /sadface. Will any more be released or is this it?

(Kaivax) #18

From the blog post:

“…check availability with your favorite video game retailer in the coming days to pre-order.”

(Casylia) #19

What video game retailers?

(Jontargaryen) #20

will any of these be released at australian game stores? you released the preorder while my country slept and was sold out already upon waking up


I feel like pre-orders should never “sell out”. It should be a starting point at how many to make of a product. Hopefully they open up to more sales.

(Mewelup) #22

Is there currently a list of retailers that will be selling this? I called my local GameStop and they say they are not going to be.

It broke my heart to see the website, get pumped, quickly go to the blizzard store and see it was sold out

Edit: went in to gamestop today and was able to successfully preorder it. Unsure if the employee just didn’t care enough to look it up for me, didn’t know better or hates WoW enough to blatantly tell me false info. Just figured I would update this!

(Brocknor) #23

So a blue posted here, TWICE… and neither time made mention of the customer that was TRYING to buy the product but couldn’t because Blizzard’s system is screwed up.

Says a lot…


It looks pretty cool and TBH Anyone that buys this, KEEP it in Mint Condition. Later down the road it will sell for probably double the price bought or even triple

I personally would buy it for the sole purpose to do that, but I just got other :poop: to pay for at this time and not good enough to spare :\

**Infact - If someone actually had EVERY Collection of each expansion, you are in for a load of cash in years to come!!!

(Lovelight) #25

Any chance these pre-orders go back in stock? Just saw this now when I got home from work and they are sold out?

Super disappointing. Not on Amazon either. Here’s to hoping there will be a way to order this.


How is a 5+ month preorder out of stock? What?

(Plainswander) #27

really? for instance…um…The Blizz shop? Because GameStop is a pit of hate.


Could we get clarification on which retailers to contact, since official Blizzard pre-orders are sold out as of current?

(Conorn) #29

Did anyone else notice that the Deathwing Mount is flying in Vol’dun?


I’ll put it this way.

You guys did it right when it came to the 10th anniversary. You sent an item to those players who had been with the game for a decade. Heck, I think a lot of us would probably have been willing to pay for the statue that we got.

As far as this particular item, it was done very badly. especially since there are many people who have found that there are a lot of these pre-orders already being resold for as much as 5 times the sales price on the secondary market.

Yes, there’s a chance that people might be able to secure a pre-order from their local game store, but it’s quite possible those same resellers will buy those up as well.

(Marathal) #31

Maybe they mean the listing on Ebay for $454


Was not able to log into the gear store all day. Still cannot. Tried on multiple devices.