World of Warcraft®: War of the Scaleborn Novel Now Available!

World of Warcraft®: War of the Scaleborn Novel Now Available!

Delve into the world of dragons from before the events of World of Warcraft®: Dragonflight in this exciting prequel. A new light will shine on the story of the war of the dragons and the impact it’s had on the very future of the dragonflights.

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Oh is this a new game?

Looks and sees it is a book

Dang it… well least there is an audio book of it I suppose by Alexstraza’s voice actor so that’s promising then.


Dang, I just pre-purchased the codex the other day.

All good though, this one should be good.

That’s even better!

The art is awesome.

A+++ art team at BlizZard. They deserve a raise for the holidays.

:surfing_man: :surfing_woman:

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Got mine a few days ago, will be reading it on the flights to and from Blizzcon

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Honestly, I normally don’t get the books but I may get this one cause I absolutely love her voice.


I don’t usually either, but I really wanted the codex and I did purchase the Sylvanas one when it was first available.

No matter what’s happened to her character since BFA, she’s still my favorite character and has been since Vanilla.

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Enjoying the book so far.

Would enjoy it more if I didn’t have a job and could actually read it. /grumble


Why is this a book instead of explaning what happened in game through a story line?
Like they are ALWAYS talking about it, but it’s all generic “why did you do X?!” whats X!
Oh we’ll tell you! For Money!

Give me a flash back quest, like Noz sending us back to witness it… done it before.
Then a book to Expand on that, Sure thing, down for that, but to get the backstory only in a booooook? Really?

cool what random important and/or story bites will be in there and not in the game!
jk this would matter if said things were actually good nowdays. have fun ppl lol.

Blizz is like that shady guy selling you information. Except he’s more like a Soap Opera narrator.

I’ll tell you where the Shadowlands are. The jailer is another 50. Which covenant is best… :moneybag:

:ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon:

Whew nelly. That was a fun read.

If I had any criticism of the book, it’s that it should have been released before Dragonflight. So we’d at least have an actual understanding of the primalist we fight in game.

But beyond that, a fun read.

I will wait for the movie

Big sad was just going to grab the Audio book on Audible and it’s not available :dracthyr_cry_animated:

Guess it’s maybe a regional thing oh well hopefully eventually it’ll be available…