World flickering is becoming a problem: solved

SOLVED: seems it was a GPU issue, i just lowered the graphics options by ONE and the flickering is gone.

by World flickering i mean that the very landscape flickers in and out at a rapied pace in some areas, like the harbor of orgrammar or the graveyard in kul tiras where you help nathanos, i hope you guys fix this soon.


I had that issue really bad in Mechagon, I found that if I switched from direct x12 to 11 that solved it for me, I am on a windows 10 pc…it may not help but couldnt hurt to try

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im on windows 7 so idk if thats gonna work

Win7 can actually run WoW in DX12 mode. To the best of my knowledge it’s the only such title currently available.

That said, if you’re using an NVidia card try rolling back your drivers. 430.64 WHQL should work just fine, but anything newer is known to flicker (especially in DX12 mode).

tried this, still getting the flickering, its pretty bad in ogrammar near the harbor outside the main gate and near the trasmog shop

361.60 WHQL was released today, which specifically notes a fix for BfA in the release notes. Could be worth trying.

Failing that, this is likely something better addressed over on Technical Support. There’s a couple other potential sources for a “flickering” problem, but it will require identifying exactly which flickering it is. Since yours is the only such report I’m seeing here that’s not related to the recent NVidia issue I would suspect it is not actually a client bug.

it could be my Operating system, again i have yet to move to win10 and im on win7, so that might be it? idk, its effecting different places i go, from kalimdor to najatar and everywhere in between.

The new driver is 431.60 and has indeed fixed the flickering for me! if you’re on 430.64 it will be exactly the same with no flickering

its been fixed for me, i just don’t have the graphics set to max and the flickering is gone.