<World Buffs Not Required> New Progressive PuG @1:00pm server time - Tues/Wed

—World Buffs Not Required— (or flasks)

I’m recruiting for a new PuG group focused on clearing all content weekly. No world buffs or flasks are required. Nor will we participate in server speed runs, or attempt to achieve anything beyond basic kills and gear drops. Full Naxxramass progression should be expected eventually. Plan for just fun kills, good loot and good times.

Raids are at 1:00pm Server Time - Tuesdays/Wednesdays/ect until all content is clear for at least one of my characters.

I have experience leading all the content excluding Naxxramas, recently took a 5 month AFK. I am now back from a long business/vacation.

Join Discord: h3rm29j

No world buff’s not in this game.