Workshop Healing Last and Second Last Bosses

That last boss. Sigh. People are dying–getting one or two shot, not using defensives and blaming me. But as a healer, I am just trying to survive myself and cannot always stop mid mechanic to save someone else or I die. I am often the last one alive so can survive myself, but when one dps dies it extends the length of an already hard fight (assuming dps are getting killed ez). Then when another goes down people blame me.

The second last boss I find particularly annoying because dodging all of the stuff that gets progressively harder becomes a real problem because of LOS issues with that thing in the middle. So I am trying to heal but the heals are not always going through. Is there some safe spot you can be so that that becomes less of an issue?

Any suggestions for these two bosses would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

The second last boss is a boss i think being disc helps with rapture etc. But when i heal it as disc im constantly running around but yes the dps los occasionally. Its really just a keep moving use hero on tyr weeks and keep yourself and everyone alive.

Last boss is just tough on stupid people or even unlucky people and those who wont get out of the way of stuff. The only hard part SHOULD be the magnet and even then but its on the dps to not get in the way of crap. It a dps stress healers fight really.

Its also as disc , one reason i run venthyr now because trying to kyrian those bosses can suck mightily

I dont think ive ever had issues on the second boss, unless someone stands too close to the block and it gets ignited from the bosses charge.

I dispel the tank immediately when he gets the debuff, then i keep atonement on everyone. When he does the charge i try to pws everyone targetted. I run away and fade so i take reduced damage. Throw out a radiance and shadowmend if people took too much charge damage. By this point the next block has fallen. Dispel the tank and start running to los the block. Penance the boss. If you need to shadowmend people behind the block, but its not usually necessary. Rinse and repeat. I can get through this guy with a lot mana and full cooldowns.

The last boss is more difficult. I do my best to not use mana during the first phase. Ill use boon and mindbender p1 so its ready for p2 and i can be done p1 with 90% mana. I like to go right up close to the tank personally. I find its easier to dodge the beams and move your beam away from players. I rotate fade, desperate prayer, fade, pain supression on myself when i get the beam. Save rapture for when the magnet drops. This part is really important especially if you have oblivious dps. Rupture fudges the entire mechanic. Also leap of faith. I use boon the second magnet pull. Barrier is also great up front after everyone gets their beam blast and has the dot with you up front, the tank, and melee you should get most of the group in the barrier.

Ive done up to 21 tyranical workshops using these tips.

Both of them are tough on bad groups. If someone get hit by the fire lasers in the third boss, it’s on them, you’re not gonna be able to keep them up in high key without burning Fae Guardians or pain supp, and even then it’s rough if other people start taking damage. The longer the fight goes on the worse it is, so it really becomes necessary to have solid ST dps for it. Also generally a good idea to lust there. As far as LoS issues, you can solve them a bit by standing further out.

I also tend to have my camera pointed down so I can dodge easier.

Last boss is just bad because RNG can kill someone. Not a ton you can do if it does.

Should be pre-hotting before magneto arm, and before the nasty recalibrate/giga zap overlap. That overlap is the most dangerous part of the fight when it comes to RNG deaths, so just pay attention to where you personally are positioned when it’s happening. If you ever are targeted by both, running towards/away from boss so the zap doesn’t move much is the best option.

Yeah, that’s true. So many groups I’ve run with are fine until the last or second last boss. Then the dps are getting one or two shot. And I can’t keep up sometimes when they are near death because of range and LOS issues as well. So I’ll be trying to save one guy who got hit and is almost dead and my heals are not going through and there is also AOE at times so I am trying to reposition myself but doing everything I can to keep myself alive as well.

Last night I was in a group with a prot pally and both of us were literally spam healing a warlock and then when he died resetting the boss. And on the fourth try we just had to call it.

I think a lot of dps have become accustomed to ignoring mechanics or half doing them because the healer is there to save them every time. But when the healer has to do unforgiving mechanics too it gets awfully tricky.

It was the same in BFA though, if I recall correctly. Over time the fights got easier as more and more caught on to having to dodge or else they die mechanics.

Was just wondering how it would go on the third boss if you parked yourself back where the ramp from the previous mobs are. It seems to me that by standing there you can ignore a lot of the stuff that can one or two shot you.

It’s honestly been a minute since I’ve done workshop.

I remember on the last boss I used to sit at the entrance.

On the second last boss, stand in the doorway leading to the next pull, you can avoid all of the mechanics except for the fire. Once the fire is done, go back to that spot.

On the last boss, stand near the back of the room, the further back you are the easier it is to see where the balls are coming from. Constantly anticipate having to move, do what you can to mitigate the zap damage on the people it’s cast on.

Agreed. That said, been there, done that. The hunters and warriors are always out of range or seem to work to be that way if they are not dead already because they cant dodge for the life of them. And then when they get one two punched and die you are back to square one. Sigh.

On an aside, I dont know what it is exactly about hunters and warriors, but in my runs they are always standing in garbage, failing to dodge and going belly up.

Cause those are what I refer to as the “zug zug” classes. They tunnel on their rotations and nothing else.