Worgen Tails

Can’t see why considering they have never had tails throughout their entire existence.

It does when you consider the fact most werewolves are not shown to have tails either, and again, never once in WoW do worgen have tails. Without a precedent existing, worgen should not have tails be given.

Because they’re a different race with a different biology? Really? This is a question?

Congratulations - you met someone. Worgen should not have tails and I do not want them added because it doesn’t make sense.

People using logic and understanding that lore means something in the game, and that there should be a continuous realm of the lore being maintained (in this case - worgen do not have tails) isn’t someone being a “furry hater”. Let’s be adults here.


C’mon… Let people have their own opinion. No need to be harsh.

But the vast majority of werewolf lore and mythology has them without tails. The lack of a tail is supposed to be one of the ways you can differentiate them from normal wolves in common folklore.

That’s not to say that they shouldn’t have the option at all, but saying “they’re basically werewolves” would actually be a proper argument against them having tails if we’re going by the standard.

Vulpera are fox people, they aren’t werefoxes. Foxes have tails. Therefore it makes perfect reasonable sense that they have tails. Female Pandaren can have tails with the red panda skin option because they’re based on red pandas (which aren’t actual pandas, but I digress) and those have long racoon-like tails. Therefore it’s reasonable that female pandas can have tails with certain skin tones. These two races have tails because there’s a precedent for them based on the animals they’re… based on. Worgen would make sense having tails if they were just flat out wolf people, but they’re not. They’re werewolves and werewolves traditionally don’t have tails.


if we’re gonna give worgen tails we should be able to remove tails too

gimme tailless draenei, tauren and vulpera

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Worgen aren’t getting tails they’re not werewolves.

No, we don’t care if its optional we don’t want to see it.


And now you have met two.

And you can meet even more if you bounce over and read the following thread:
Give Worgen Tails


And while you’re at it, Blizz, can male worgen have a barbershop option to retain their pre-8.2.5 snarly face? Genn Greymane got to keep his. Don’t make this a royal privilege thing.

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lol Wow. Why all of this hate?

First of all, they are werewolves. I mean I don’t know how you can argue this. That’s like saying Warcraft orcs aren’t Klingons.

Secondly, why the heck not? I don’t think I’d give my worgen toon a tail, but I see no reason not to make it an option for those who want it.

The theme of the Shadowlands customization options seems to be Blizz making up for 15 years of fairly limited base character model variations. We have brand new skin colors, hair colors, tattoos and high elves. Worgen tails are fine.


More grumpos who want to prevent options for other players. So weird.

Werewolves have have been depicted with tails for thousands of years, in cultures across the entire planet. Relatively recent hollywood depictions in the mid-1900s with Universal monster movies didnt have tails (sometimes) because of budget and effect limitations.

Werewolves usually have tails. People weirdly insisting they shouldn’t or can’t are utterly confusing for this reason.

We’re talking about an option for players to have tails. It will improve their silhouette, enrich the game world and finally, finally stop looking so weird since cataclysm, when we had to make bipedal wolf characters with inexplicable ape-butts.

inb4 “iT’s NoT tHe LoRe!!!”
This is a game where purple supermodel women shoot lasers and green pig men engineer airships, some wolf people can have a damn tail. Have a seat.

Give worgen tail options!


The left shoulder on the male Worgen model would like to have a word with you. Pls fix


Who cares about lore and mythology? It’s a fantasy game and most people agree they would just generally look better with them as an OPTION. If you don’t want them to suit your lore-loving fantasies then you don’t need to put it on your character!


Do any of you have a better argument other than it being optional? It’s the same as asking to have Draenei not have hooves.

Also need to think of something better than “muh fAnTasY!”


Do you have a better argument other than “do you have a better argument”? Because now that all of a sudden belfs can have rainbow eyes for some crazy how, I think worgen tails can clear the bar.


belfs are using contacts obviously


Giving players more agency over how they relate to their character, as is a theme in shadowlands, is an argument for the addition of an optional tail.
Gib tailz nao plz


werewolves have tails? did lon chaney jr have a tail? what werewolf has a tail?

i don’t want a tail on my worgen. :man_facepalming:


source please. …and i want to see the 2,000 year old source.


If you’re sincere, you can find 13,000 year old cave art that shows wolf-people with tails.
Google “the sorcerer cave painting”. There are so many other examples, though.

What do they taste like?

Elder Scrolls werewolves.