Worgen Customization Mega Thread

Worgens need Corgen customization.

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Make it an unlockable!

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So that is what a gnome is that gets the worgen curse.


I also like Worgen and am not a furry yet care little about whether or not people are more if they bring up good points about topics, which OP has done tremendously.

There’s also overtly sexual stuff everywhere in the world, I promise you there’s a Victoria’s Secret model in full lingerie in the middle of New York City advertising.

Is this a “my child shouldn’t see this” thing or “I’m not old enough to understand” thing?


Corgen are an amusing idea.

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KEORI YOU DID IT! I agree with everything, and I mean every SINGLE THING that you say! We have been asking and asking and asking and asking and asking and asking and asking for all of this!


As someone that has a rogue and a dk worgen, I fully support further options to customize them. I’ve been asking for years for dark black fur, and would be quite happy for them to be upright and have more hair and face options as well. I was hopeful when I saw one or two of the new fur options had darker faces, which was quickly taken away when I saw they made their chest and hands different colors. My rogue sometimes wants to run around in just pants like a wild worgen, would be great if he would be all black.
Anyway, I agree with op and was bummed to see their options were very limited when so many other races are getting some really cool stuff.


I would want wolfish ear options for males, as well.

For the teeth options, I would love to see one that just swaps the fangs males have now to a proper anatomically correct position (lowers in front, uppers behind), not exclusively one or the other.

I’d love to see jewelry (namely necklaces and chokers) for males, not just females.

An upright option for males would be great, and/or at least a proper lore size, so males don’t feel so absurdly small compared to everyone else on the Alliance. I like the hunch making them look more feral, but I don’t like how small it makes them feel.

I would also love tail options.

I really. Really. REALLY. Want a solid, deep, rich, true BLACK with no white face markings or hands or feet or anything huskyish. I want to be a black wolf, not a dog.

I just want to be a cool werewolf that looks more like a wolf and not a nondescript Hollywood animal. Not a fursona, not a lycan, but a werewolf that resembles a wolf. Worgen currently do not resemble wolves.


mostly i want tails for both male and female, werewolves just look better with tails, secondly i want to stand up straight on my hunter, dang it blizz im old but im not that old to where im hunched over all the time!


Pandaren disagree with that statement, get in line behind us.


I think its crazy how much effort people put into telling a company that they voluntarily give money, how much they dislike their product. To a point of expecting real world levels of respect and equality like you’re identifying as that fantasy race…

If you went by that logic all the time, and no one complained or gave feedback about the product, corruptions would still be absurdly broken like it was at launch, titanforging would still be a thing, we would probably still be using azerite gear because blizzard would think no one complaining = good system, and much much more.

You’d be amazed how much the game can change for the better if people complain and have their voices heard about the product they pay money for.


For real, Pandaren and Goblins are losing in the new customization department.

I support everything mentioned in the video. I’d love to see more wolf-like ears a well instead of the goblin looking ones. Having the female ones sit up top would be great. More mane variety would be great too.

This…I REALLY want the OG Worgen as well, either as a customization option or allied race. Having your original form as a night elf, then having your worgen form. Perhaps with some night elf styled fur colors, the leaf in hair options for the worgen form.

Then totally like you said, all/mostly wolf based transforms for the druids. Guardian dire wolf, agile feral wolf, wolfhawk for travel, still unsure on aquatic (dogfish? a shark?)

Perhaps even add an option to the barbershop for animal forms for any worgen style druid to also be able to “hide” a form in favor of their worgen form instead, if they wished.

I’d love to make my night elf druid with white hair into a white furred worgen with wolf transforms. A child of Goldrinn.

Just name it Guardian/Feral.
It’s weird it’s still named bear/cat for a Zandalari. It really needs a name change, then they could add other options.
I still think a Bison form for Tauren would be cool, then others have said adding Pandaren druids with forms based off the August Celestials.


I actually have an old thread up about Night Elf Worgen here:

Got some concepts in there, whole nine. That’s actually going to be my next crusade >:)


This should be consideration numero uno. Until the Worgen can wear a helmet without looking like a Worm-Race, the race will suffer.


One thing I do heavily endorse is more customization options for any race, the ability to define your character as your own through appearance options and transmog is one of the bigger draws for many players especially the RP community

And honestly blizz is constantly trampling on their own ‘lore’ so if you want tails, I say have a tail…not mine though, I am literally attached to it.


Stops sneaking up with an oversized set of shears Oh nuts…

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Do you people see any lines anywhere?

It’s how much folk like the product. They want to see it grow and have more options.


And yup, looks like I’ve posted in there =P
I usually do when I see one.

Sounds good to me…there’s still a bunch of races that should be playable. More the merrier. More customization is always good.

Part of why the whole worgen thing went bad was not having the blessing of Goldrinn. Just throw in a little lore bit or questline where he understands the threat to Azeroth or some such, and now gives his blessing which could be visually represented by the tail. shrugs There’s ways to make it work.
Some reason just though of Aslan giving that little mouse dude back his tail in that Narnia movie.