Wonder if there going to merge us again


World of Warcraft is best when you have a community of other players around you, and while numerous ways to participate in cross-realm play have been added to the game over the years, there are still many aspects of the experience that are realm-based. From your history with your guild to your interactions with the economy around you, a realm with a healthy population provides more opportunities, and it’s been several years since we last connected some realms.

We’ve now completed a comprehensive study of realm populations for every realm in the world. Over the next 2-3 months, we’re going to connect the low-population realms to other existing realms. This process will take place during scheduled maintenance, connecting a few realms each week, until we’ve connected every low-population realm in every region to a substantially larger population of players.

As this project unfolds, we will post notices in advance of each week’s connections in the appropriate regions and languages. During each maintenance period, everything will be automatically combined for the affected realms. When maintenance is complete, players on affected realms will log into Battle for Azeroth and find that they’re now part of a larger connected-realm community. At the same time, we’ll merge the appropriate realm discussion forums.

Please keep an eye out for notifications here as we proceed through this project. Again, we’ll let you know here in advance when realms in this region are about to be connected.

Thank you very much

Obviously they aren’t going to merge anything if they are talking about making CONNECTED realms.

Merging destroy servers entirely. Connecting them keeps them intact but makes it so each of them have more options for trading and being part of mixed realm guilds.

Everyone needs to put the idea of “merging” out of their mind, because I don’t get any sense that Blizz is even thinking of going that direction.

I don’t think you’re understanding the difference between MERGING and CONNECTING. They aren’t the same thing.

Do you like to argue ? They are going to “CONNECT” Like Mok is Connect to Silvermoon . It is what it says it is . My world does not have to relate to “yours”. The question here is will Mok (which is Connected to Silvermoon) both become “connected” to some larger server. Do not need your answer because you do not know . I was just throwing this out there so more people are aware. FFS your not even on this server .

This move affects ALL servers, so this doesn’t matter.

No, but you obviously like to misrepresent what is happening.

Merging is NOT connecting.

Someone reading your title could be confused by it.

And you don’t know either AND you just copied and pasted a Blue post you found elsewhere with a misleading title. So this entire thread was a pointless endeavor in the first place, wasn’t it?

Obvious you like to argue . Obvious your not on this server . Obvious you have to be right and everyone else is wrong . It is everything you post that clearly defines that you really just like to argue and demean people. It means nothing to you on this realm because your not part of this realm .Go to the "general forum chats " and be a big shot . Your continue attacks are not welcome and not called for here. I suppose you will respond . So the question is why DO YOU NOT POST ANYTHING EVER ON YOUR DRAKA /SURAMAR ??? Are you just trolling ? Do you feel some need to be significant here ? If so why ? Wait do not answer because no one here cares WTF you think .

What a garbage derailed thread that could have been interesting.

Blizzard has never “merged” a server using the definition of the trolls, they have only ever “connected” them. In casual wow people speak the terms are synonymous.

Honestly from a back end technical perspective they are merging them (the new realms will run as one process on the same virtual hardware), they just also have some front end polish so people get to keep their names (they add skywall to a list of alternative host names in a config file on silvermoon and archive the old skywall files in case of emergency).

Tldr; everyone after the OP should be ashamed of themselves.

Only person after original post was some Troll off server . That Troll has a habit of being combative everywhere.