WoD Was SO Much Better Than BFA/Legion

All the people saying WoD was worse than BfA or Legion have no idea what they are talking about.

The reason why WoD was SO MUCH BETTER than Legion and BfA is because WoD DIDN’T ruin every part of WoW.

Legion and BFA

  • Added stupid stat templates in pvp (this affected you at EVERY level in the game, not just legion)
  • Classes were/are gutted and super boring (this affected your class at EVERY level in the game, not just legion)
  • Terrible GCD change (this affects you at EVERY level in the game)
  • Leveling was RUINED in 7.3.5, SO slow and boring (this affects you at EVERY level in the game, not just legion)
  • Dungeons became super slow and boring with mobs having SO much health (this affects EVERY dungeon at EVERY level)
  • ilvl/level scaling (this affects you at EVERY level in the game)
  • etc…

These awful changes that were implemented in Legion/BFA RUIN your experience at EVERY level. You cannot escape these changes. Legion/BFA completely ruined all the previous expansions as well.

WoD did not make any of these changes that affected you at every level and affected ALL of the content that you do. Sure WoD might not have had that much content, but at least it did not RUIN the current systems in the game that applied to EVERYTHING you do.

Wod > Legion > BfA


WoD was one of my favorites since it broke my addiction when I got banned.

Wow. I disagree strongly with this. WoD was what would be in the frame on a plaque that said, “We screwed this up.”

There’s gotta be some serious mental gymnastics happening for someone to assert that WoD was better than any of this game’s expansions.


Aye, I actually finished leveling in WoD. I couldn’t seem to do it during Legion and I’m struggling to in BfA.

In reply to what? Your assertion that game systems changes implemented post-WoD ruined the entire game? It’s opinion-based. And I feel that you’re wrong. The GCD changes haven’t bothered me much, and I never agreed with the complaints about the leveling changes.

If you insist, I’ll break down my thoughts on your points.

Stat Templates were removed as of the item level squish. It lasted for one expansion only. BfA doesn’t have them, so it doesn’t really apply to the argument you’re making in your title.

Yeah, there are some abilities I miss. I wouldn’t say any of the classes I play have been gutted, however. Changed to an extent I don’t particularly care for in some cases, but not gutted.

Again, haven’t really cared about this. Doesn’t affect me that much.

Disagree. Haven’t had a problem with any of the changes.

Yeah, I haven’t really noticed this. Might need some specific dungeons cited to really look into it more deeply.

Haven’t had any problems with this. Have read a lot of complaints about it, but it quite frankly doesn’t bother me whatsoever.

Since none of what you listed really bothers me to any significant extent, it is my belief that you are wrong. Is that constructive enough?


Go wash your mouth out with soap!


My vote for best xpac was MoP. PvP was sooo much fun!


They gave up on developing WoD before the halfway mark and basically the only good thing about WoD was the raids. Legion on the other hand is one of the best expansions they’ve made and was full of content other than raids.

So, no.


Legion is one of my favourites…

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WoD is the reason why the game lost most of their subscribers and also remain 1st in place with less content combined on all expansion. I bet if GhostCrawler was still around WoD would of had more content and etc, but he too probably foresaw what was happening in Blizzard. Legion was eh while BFA is in a confuse state, but overall things aren’t looking good. I hope the new goblin and worgen models get more dedication in customization this time.

I wonder how would LoL as an mmorpg would be like.