WoD Timewalking?!


Coming in 8.1.5!

Didn’t know/wasn’t expecting this. WoD sure was a bad expansion but at least the dungeons (and raids) were fun!

It will be MUCH better than doing Timewalking BC and Cata, that’s for sure.

(Laya) #2

Let’s wait until we try it to see if it’s better.


sadly it seems any information on it is small. Blizzard for some reason their development team is giving their fans the silent treatment until they drop it top of us at the last minute…


:no_mouth: Did you even play WoD…the raids…were…WHAT now?


Did you?

BRF is a top 5 all time raid.

(Vixie) #6

People didn’t like garrisons or professions usable by Everybody or that others were making tons of gold or Pathfinder or Ashran but nobody complained about the raids and dungeons in Warlords. That was always the one concession people made when making complaint threads back then. I think.