WoD and Souls

Do the WoD copies have souls? Did WoDVelen have a soul? Does WoDGrommash possess on? What about all the Mag’har Orc Allied Race PCs? Souls? Or Soulless?

They have souls.

The more odd question is how the souls of people who became demons in other timelines* interact with the afterlife, since it’s all supposed to absorb into one.


Oh buckle up my friend, you’re in for one of the dumbest explanations the lore team have ever delivered. Basically every person has a “rope” made of strands of every version of themselves and they’re all subsumed into the MU version. It’s especially horrific when you consider that Garrosh, the worst version of himself, will consume all others no matter how good they were and he consciously destroyed all of them.


Needless to say one might well assume being corrupted by a certain type of Magic to the point where it’s now bound to that Magic’s Realm would be salvation to said Souls if they are lucky.

There are 10 Realms of Magic outside the Shadowlands the Soul could be pulled to: The Void, the Light, the Twisting Nether, the Cosmic Realm of Order, the Gardens of Life, the Realm of the 7th Cosmic Force, the Firelands, the Abyssal Maw, Skywall and Deepholm.

Of course the Elemental Planes are Titan-made Pocket Universes so other Artificial Planes of Existence work the same way provided they can access the AU from the MU.

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who made the soulz and how do i suck them up for power

Yes they have souls, supposedly the reason why we don’t see many versions of characters in the shadowlands is that when a soul enters the shadowlands it joins together into all other versions of that soul, so you can say the souls in the shadowlands are amalgamations of different timeline versions of said characters.
Still I’d imagine the “true timeline” we live in take precedence since actual timeline split-off is rare, and timelines that manage to split off die out by themselves after a short while since they’re unstable and local to one planet from what’ve seen. the WoD timeline was artificially made stable so it’s an exception to the rule for why it existed so long, and we got confirmation that AU Azeroth does not exist on AU Draenor. So think of alternative world lines as small pocket realms that sometimes manage to branch off and then quickly collapse because they’re unstable, and since they don’t go on for a long amount of time they don’t have too much time to deviate much from the true timeline. So the impact on the amalgamations of souls we see in the shadowlands is most likely negligible.

I’d say that strand of character soul would be unable to rejoin with the others since it would not enter the shadowlands naturally as mortal souls do. So the strand would exist as its own character if claimed by another sphere of power. Either way, it would be a rare occurrence since timeline split-off is rare, and becoming a demon for example is not the most common thing either. So for example a demon hunter soul would head to the nether together with all other AU versions of the demon hunter where they become infused to that degree of fel, while there could be another version in the shadowlands composed of different strands from AU where they didn’t become a demon hunter or wasn’t infused to that degree that they’re considered a demon.

All in all, the cosmic spheres outside of the mortal plane do not seem to care about time ways etc, since it was said that the legion transcends world lines, and now with the shadowlands merging soul strands of different time-lines when they enter.

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Not quite.

You are correct about the rope, however the dead are not ‘forced to join the MU version’ we just don’t see any AU dead during the Shadowlands expansion. Every dead character that we interact with in the Shadowlands expansion is the MU versions of those characters. For AU characters we either don’t see them in the Shadowlands at all (Durotan, Blackhand, Gul’dan, Velen etc), they were never born (AU Garrosh) or they’re still alive (AU Draka).

But the rest of what you said about the rope is correct. Every soul joins together in the Shadowlands becoming part of one being, and that being inherits all the memories of the other versions of that character when they die. If an AU character dies first, then all the memories of those who die later will become part of the rope that started when the AU character died.

He won’t actually because that Garrosh is dead, his soul destroyed, so the next Garrosh to die will start the rope again and all future Garrosh’s that die will join that rope. The Garrosh we knew will not torment any of the others.

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Only player characters in Illidan’s terms have “immortal souls”.

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This is Blizzard’s answer to that question and while others have issues with it, I actually like it. I have heard that they also said it does not matter because there’s only one MU but I have yet to see Blizz say this.

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This video perfectly encapsulates what Danuser was trying to say by suggesting that souls are similar to ropes:

Massive FFXIV Shadowbringer spoilers


Spoilery explanation for they who have not played:

Each hero that the crystal fella summons is another Shade of an ancient hero named Azem. Including you.

They are all the same damned guy.

That’s where I was going with this question. Specifically, Gul’dan & Ner’zhul. Both of them had their OG souls elsewhere. So what happened to their alt souls

Some dev said that when alt souls die they rejoin the main soul. Ergo if th main soul is destroyed, so too are the alts. The alts cannot exist without the main in Blizzard’s rope analogy.