With current conditions - which covenant for warlock?

What I’ve read rates it Night Fae or Necrolords as best. Sadly it seems that the first three classes I’ve leveled or am leveling all recommend Night Fae. My leveled character is night fae.

So which covenant did you chose and why would it be good for a warlock? I’d sort of like to take this one Kyrian but it seems to be rated 3rd choice for warlocks. (Gnome warlock, alliance faction).

Night Fae is just too good. Mostly due to blinkfox, but Soul Rot is a very hard hitting ability so the combo of mobility plus an ability worth casting is just too good. As affliction there’s really no other choice.

Demo can get some use out of Necrolords, and Destro out of Kyrian.

Venthyr is a DPS loss to cast the ability and shouldn’t be taken by anyone.


Thanks. Seems everything I level benefits most from the Night Fae.

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night fae Soulrot hits pretty hard on ST and hard enough that the aoe component also hits ok making it good both places and it adds a dot for aff. the blink is also extra good because warlocks have few mobility tools.

also the soulbinds are pretty solid for us as well


Night fae is the only option if you want to be viable. At least in PVP.

In PVE you have the option of choosing Kyrian for the perma DOT.

I would dearly love to be Venthyr. But I am unable to let go of one precious tool that saves me in PVP.

Necro is solid for demo if you are good at managing “demonbolt”.

Night Fae just dominate in every way, I even sim better as a Demonology Warlock as Night Fae due to Soulbinds…

I’m Necrolords btw.

I am really upset they do not offer decent abilities for Venthyr. I like the Covenant and it hits my fantasy of warlock very well. I don’t know why all Covenants are not equal in terms of usefulness.

  1. Night Fae (all specs)
  2. Necrolords
  3. Kyrians
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Night Fae is kind of the catchall covenant for a bunch of classes because Soulshape is just that good. Unless the class ability from a different covenant is significantly better, all things being equal you may as well take the awesome mobility spell.

Nightfae for all. I like it for demo since it gives a % max health increase that pets scale off of, therefore, rendering fattttty tyrants