With classic coming out soon, what's current WoW's direction

(Abruof) #1

Classic is obviously coming back out in the summer to fulfill both the nostalgia, and possibly more importantly, the RPG niche. I’ve written about this before, but WoW has suffered a serious identity crisis over the years, first starting as a MMORPG in vanilla-wrath, then more into an action game through Cata-WoD, and then kind of a bland mix of the two into Legion-BFA. Now that Classic is coming out and giving players the option of returning the game to it’s roots, where does that leave Current Wow?

I think this discussion is important, and one that we need both dev and player feedback to really talk about where the game is headed. Is WoW going to be more diablo like action game, where chars are super op? Is it going to be RPG focused but with more updated features and quality of life changes over classic? Should one character be allowed to easily multispec or do you want characters to be focused only on a main spec? There are wacky restrictions in the game of gear/ abilities/ that reflect the team themselves not knowing if we should be more of a RPG or action game, and the game play suffers some due to it.

Understanding the intent of what to expect from the game helps determine the time willing to play, invest, and participate in the game. I think one of the big issues in the game is the lack of understanding who we are supposed to be in the game, as we swing between being simple adventures at times to straight up slaying titans and old gods. And unfortunately our character power is never really defined due to that, which l think is why there was such backlash over some of the recent character changes. Sometimes, I want to come off work and feel like a superhero with fun, dominating combinations , and WoW fluctuates between offering that experience, then failing at it. It would just be nice to know what the devs team intent is to be with this game.


modern wow =

  • 3 to 6 combat buttons
  • all non-combat buttons removed
  • no talent trees
  • professions irrelevant
  • you log into the game you win everything by default
  • if you decide to take anything seriously your efforts will be invalidated within 2-3 months

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That’s the point though, what should it be at the end game? We the players and devs need to have this convo. Should it be more vendor style rpg/ one spec? Should it be more op classes, in which case pvp might make a come back? Leveling is an absolute mess, so some sense of direction of where Blizz is taking the game might help people decide if they enjoy the game. Currently, the team is spread to far over to much


They need to stop giving gear out like it’s candy for starters…please, just stop it

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Again though, I think the welfare gear is more a symptom of the underlying identity issue. Is WoW supposed to be a progression MMORPG? I think a lot of players would say yes, especially based on its roots, but we are currently in an expac where Blizz has seemingly being trying to become a very casual- friendly game. That is their choice if they want to be that way, but, again, its why we the players need to understand the goal and design philosophy of current wow. If you play this game thinking progression should matter, you’ll obviously be angry when it doesnt. If you think playing this game should be casual fun, you’ll get annoyed when you can’t do higher end stuff due to missing raider i.o/progress in raids. So by trying to cater to everyone, Blizz isn’t satisfying anyone. With a stated design goal, both the devs and player base would understand where the game is headed, the reason behind certain class / dungeon changes, and if the game is deserving of putting effort into or not.

edit - i think defining the goal would also help with character classes. If Current is going to be more casual focused, it makes sens to have more op classes and characters. If more progression focused, it makes sense that classes should have distinct fantasies and skill sets, including unique buffs.

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It’s cringey reading people on the forums describe the want for Classic as “nostalgia” especially when in the next sentence or two they list the main reason people want it so badly.

Until they add the RPG element back into the Live game, it will continue to die off into irrelevancy.