Wish trailblazer was better

Love the fast running hunter, run and gun type beat, but the loss of speed in combat is rarely used. Maybe keep the speed in combat or at least half speed?


I’d like something like that.

Personally, it’d already be fine to me if we just gained speed continuously over up to 3 seconds while losing only some (hefty) portion of that amount added each time we use a directly offensive GCD.

If, say, we linearly generated 10% speed per second, scaling with Haste, we’d already be up an average of 7.5% movement speed even in constant combat, since we’d be generating up to 15% bonus movement speed just over the time between our shots. And that’d be if the movement speed generated were fully purged. It instead only set us back two thirds, we’d be averaging over 10% added speed, while spending GCDs on Tranquilizing Shot, Traps, Mark, Flare, Mend Pet, etc., would allow us to just keep ramping up over that time.

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Great idea Tarais but also very powerful

or dumb down version of that idea is a less flashy but similar idea of 30% that drops down to just a 4% buff but is still strong if you invest in pathfinding talent and get a cunning pet. Top speed would be 142% and if you get hit that is still 118% movement speed with cunning pet and without you be 110% faster then average movement speed.

Aye, especially in PvP vs. melee for those who can spend consecutive GCDs on non-(directly-)offensive skills.

My hope was this could essentially replace the need for Pathfinding by making Trailblazer actually useful to combat instead of only being an open-world QoL thing that’d seem a waste of talents in most content. Then the Pathfinding talent (hate that name, since it’s also the name of the Cunning passive) could be replaced by something else combat-worthy and we’d have one fewer no-content-value node.

it’s great in some bosses, like the eye, or the torturer. If there were more bosses designed around it (downtime of just dodging fire) then people would think it’s OP.

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The only time im not using it is in pvp. Its such a nice QoL. Especially for my tauren who seems extra slow without it. Maybe just adjust it so it works all the time in pve and keep it as is for pvp.


I do the exact same with my Highmountain Beefy Boy! I also run with my raptor out then I’m really booking it I feel so fast! lol…also TAUREN BROTHER HUNTER!!!

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