Wintergrasp Play With The Blues - Feb. 19

(Huh) #21

Seems like it’d be a very one sided game with only two of you left. Oops?

(Darknesself) #22

Which photo/name :D? I assume the MOP one? Nostalgia :smiley:

(Alvraen) #23

Yeah. Kirjava.

(Coquette) #24

Woo! I use to LIVE in Wintergrasp!

(Darkpenx) #25

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

(Darkpenx) #26

When copying characters onto the PTR Broxigar server, it says (Inactive). Is there a reason for this? I am currently subbed on the account I am trying to copy.

(Anzio) #28

Oof. That’s gonna need some balancing I think.

(Wilanór) #29

Ya think ? LOL…I’d like to see a test where alliance is in control

(Josefine) #30

That was fun. Cannons obviously need tuning, and vehicles probably do as well. The one game I got in where Alliance controlled, we nuked the towers with maybe 3 or 4 siege blasts each. Granted, there were a bunch of vehicles there, but it still felt like tower was made of paper.

(Bynir) #31

So I thought the few games I played were really fun. Definitely brought back all the feels and captured the spirit of what Wintergrasp was like way back when.

Some initial feedback:

  • Walls and towers seemed really squishy and could use more health. By the time I could mount up from the graveyard to try and get to the tower - that was freshly being assaulted - it was destroyed. In one game we had a cap of 20 vehicles so even if half of those assaulted anything there wouldn’t be a chance to mount a defense.
  • Game length actually seemed pretty good, especially after the hotfix to reduce the amount of time a tower took away.

  • Vehicle and siege damage to players, other vehicles and buildings seemed to be in a good place (with the exception of first point where things just melted). The keep cannons can’t ever be repaired so I wonder if they could do with slightly more health to factor in multiple siege blasts or make them take reduced damage from vehicles?

  • The weekly zone quests are a really good idea and should be rolled out to the other Epic Battlegrounds. A couple of suggestions for the No Mercy For The Merciless quest, which is too lucrative as it stands:

  1. Implementation from Wrath seems a bit weird; you get credit for killing NPCs but only from killing players if you land the killing blow or someone in your group does. It’s not intuitive. I would change this so that it is player kills only, and make it raid wide.
  2. As it’s a weekly quest, 150 conquest points for killing 10 enemies is way too high (a direct comparison are the Call to Arms quests in War Mode). I think rather than nerfing the reward, keep it as it is and up the kill amount to something similar to Ashran’s levels - 200? 300? 500? If change 1 was made, I don’t think this would be too high.
  • I didn’t seem to be able to change rez locations, which really made the map more interactive. It’s a large map and rezzing in the right spot can sometimes change the tide; is this an intentional removal?

  • Thanks for adding the NPC that sells PvP stuff. A tiny bug bear but the NPC that sells old level 70 PvP gear is useless. Can we turn him into Rylai or another mage or a warlock that you can get cookies / mage food from, or just remove his vendor interface?

  • Not sure if this was Blizzard interference but we had two games end prematurely - one with 20 minutes left and one with 10 minutes left. Not sure what the conditions were here.

(Oäk) #32

Are the games still goin on?


Cant wait to queue up to fish.

(Darknesself) #34

The cannons seem to be doing a bit too much damage. In one of the games I did, our group was heading to a workshop mounted, and half of our BG group died running there because the cannons were taking out so much health.

(Bynir) #35

The damage is the same or at least very similar to Isle of Conquest. I was in the cannons shooting people from the start one game and my reaction was “well, people don’t need to go via the keep to get to a workshop” - which is how I imagine games will adapt.