Wintergrasp Play With The Blues - Feb. 19

(Kaivax) #1

We’re coming together to test the new Wintergrasp epic battleground experience in the 8.1.5 PTR, and would love for you to join us!

On Tuesday, February 19, beginning at 2:00 p.m. Pacific time (5:00 p.m. Eastern), we’ll be queueing up for Wintergrasp. Get your PTR character(s) ready at level 120 on the Broxigar server, and then at 2:00 p.m.:

  • Open Group Finder (default hotkey: i)
  • Select the Player vs. Player tab
  • Select Quick Match
  • In the dropdown, choose “Specific Battlegrounds”
  • Select “Wintergrasp” and then hit the Join Battle button

Thank you very much, and we look forward to bombarding some frozen walls with you!

If disc isnt buffed tomorrow I'm gonna
(Kaivax) #2


Are there still enough Blues to participate :wink:

(Ruthven) #4

ythisens would have been the only blue I wanted to play with and well…

(Lanädelrey) #5

If they’re doing a “Play With The Blue” its because there is enough.

(Wilanór) #6

I’lll be there and I’ll be playing “with the blues”

(Skinwälker) #7

I want to play WG. How do I get PTR? I don’t see it on my account list.

(Alvraen) #8



I’m very rarely ever excited about anything but I have to admit I’m having some unfamiliar feelings lol. Also, if this is just a Q’able WG it would be nice to know early if there is anything that is going to affect achievements :upside_down_face:


Wintegrasp … really? Is this some kind of joke ?

Why are you wasting time making changes to a BG in old content when you have so many problems in CURRENT content that needs to be fixed first??


When they update it it will be current content :slight_smile: … I assume :rofl: I’m guessing it’ll be Q’able for 80+?


I’m not sure it’ll feel the same as when I flew in from Icecrown, use the parachute you get when dismounted to place myself directly on a high portion of the wall and spam Far Sight to call out to the raid group where vehicles are being built / gathering up to attack from.

(Darkpenx) #13

This is really cool to see Blizzard engaging the community on this level. Super exciting for the PvP community to have an opportunity to contribute to the future!

(Darknesself) #14

I’ll probably check it out if I remember, but the last few play with the blues haven’t really been the same. Maybe I was missing something, but you rarely see any of the ‘faces’ of the community participate in the event anymore(or maybe they do and don’t tag themselves as blues anymore in the game), and I don’t think I see anymore “Blizzard Alliance” or “Blizzard Horde” guilds to signify the employees who are the blues. Plus, at the end of each event, the bigger blues would often stick around to mess around on the PTR doing silly stuff for those who helped participate(like spawning Deathwing’s fire in Org, etc.). The last recolection I have of something similar was when we had a lot of fun with Zorbrix during one of the Legion ones, but that hadn’t happened for a while until then/after. These play with the blues events used to always be super fun, especially if you stayed around afterwards.

From Legion, the only ones that stand out is the PTR that had Zorbrix at the end(can’t remember what that one was for), and the little all out PVP brawl in Dal, which was pretty funny.

Some of my screenshots over the years from past events -


Man I’d love to join and test wintergrasp with ya but unfortunately there’s no realms available!

(Digerati) #16

I remember a lot of those, PTRs and end of betas. Fun times! The Firelord Nomis was probably my favorite

(Darknesself) #17

I have a screenshot of him running around with fire too :). I was really happy when I asked in chat for Zorbrix to put defile in Dalaran, and he actually did it lol.


Tarcalion from Nagrand says there are so many problems to be fixed so we must stop EVERYTHING to fix them because Tarcalion from Nagrand is a person with opinions.

(Alvraen) #19

holy crap, you got one of my alts lmao

(Spellchaser) #20

You mean, aside from the fact that there’s been demand for this for ages, and they’ve actually been putting work in on it since the Legion prepatch?