Windwalker is in very dire straits. It's hard for me to stay positive and hope for changes

I was silenced here for 3 days because I voiced my despair about this class. Which was fair, I claimed the Devs don’t care. I know they care, but it is BEYOND disheartening trying to grow as a player in my favourite spec, with how truly terrible our spec design is (comparatively and IMO).

Seeing rework of Mistweaver has been awesome. Brewmaster is usally quite excellent and I’m thrilled. Windwalker on the other-hand, feels like we have been completely forgotten.

These are my grievances in list form:
-Aura buffs are not enough.
-A clunky totem is a terrible capstone for a mobile dps.
-Faeline stomp ST aura buffing builds being our top DPS feels terrible (over spinning crane kick even in aoe).
-Our burst AOE dps class being dwarfed by other classes non-burst AOE profiles feels terrible.
-6 talent nodes dedicated to Touch of death is bad tree design (comparatively).
-Having 3 of the covenant abilities in our new tree feels like nothing new was added.
-Tier set bonuses built off of melee attacks on a class that does aa during channeled abilities feels unquestionably bad and uninspired (no hate just my opinion).
-Our AA range feels very noticeably worse to me and my uptime suffers because of it (compared to my rogue alt, it’s a skill issue, I get that, but it adds to the overall feel).
-Forcing our hand to take generous pour and the other mandatory monk buffs feels handicapping.
-Fortifying Brew being on such a long CD is terrible feeling compared to other classes DR. I’ve never felt squishier (not just Fort Brew problem, also skill issue but it doesn’t help)
-Long list of bugs that I don’t fully understand nor am I the person to point out. However, they exist and I would appreciate someone else pointing out that list for me.
-The loss of Whirling Dragon Punch as good AOE button, with the upside of really disliking the root it applies and how that interacts with ground effects.
-I really wish that Flying Serpent Kick had verticality control component to give us some mobility worthy of our class identity, in these days of dragons and wings.

Things I’ve really liked (with caveats) this expansion;
-Skyreach (with the caveat of it being buggy and not pulling us in close enough or too far in some instances),
-Strike of the Windlord (with the caveat that it got nerfed so hard it doesn’t feel good to press anymore),
-Learning the serenity playstyle (with the caveat, that it feels too short of a window, and personally cancelling fist of fury felt weird and then remembering not to cancel outside of the serenity window feels contradictory and clunky to me),
-Shadowflame nova set with rising sun kick being so important (with the same caveat as before re: serenity window/cancelling FoF)

All of this is to say, I feel really disheartened about my spec. And yet, very excited about WoW and it’s general direction. I’m praying for a huge blue post of someone very passionate at Blizz, tackling the very long list of problems our community has been voicing for so long. And yet I can’t quite you my WW main, trust me I’ve tried, but it’s still by far my favourite spec. I really want to be hopeful and positive, it’s in my nature. Please blizzard your Windwalkers need you to listen and acknowledge us. No hatred, No flame, nothing but love for all of your efforts and endeavors, but we really need some of that effort and attention our way.


I’m gonna start using flame and hatred if they keey ignoring us liek this, I’m a bit fed up. I love windwalker and always have but when I’m near-flawlessly executing my rotation priority and am STILL nearly 100k behind the other dps, there is something really wrong and I don’t think it’s ALL my fault.


When you parse in similar percentiles as your fellow raiders but need to do 30 to 50% more damage to catch them it feels like you are being a giant waste of space.

M+ is even worse.


Honestly windwalker could use a little reimagining.

I think it’d be cool to have some kind of low cd ability to replace faeline stomp that would like … do damage to either single or multi target. Apply a debuff that increases your damage to them and triggers a half or quarter gcd or something and it would then have a different effect based on what ability you use next.

Also just monk in general the class tree is all over the place.


I’m really sad at how blizz is currently balancing stuff. They have been busy reworking other class that didn’t really need it that bad when ww been ignored for years now. Yes we are strong starting xpac because we don’t scale that well with stats but after the first raid we become useless :(. Currently it’s not even playable in mythic raid I’m being benched because of the class performing poorly not skill/mechanic or anything just pure class been that far behind in DPS. The gaps between top class and bottom class is currently way too huge why would anyone bring a monk DPS. Yes there Few class bellow us but they have other dps spec which we dont