Windwalker in raids

Sup fellas,

I’ve been creeping my way towards playing my Monk again, which I haven’t mained since Legion.

We’re pretty stellar in Dungeons, I’ve been pulling 6k-10k dps at ilvl 197 on trash packs which is kind of insane. But I keep hearing and reading that our ST damage is lackluster. Just wondering how bad is it ? If its like bottom of the barrel then what is our best spec for raids ? Are Brewmasters or Mistweavers sought ?


WW is only used if you don’t have brewmaster or on AOE fights.

It shines harder in mythic than heroic because more fights have adds, but there’ll be fights like Tarragrue where you’d rather just have other stuff.

Edit: I should’ve originalyl mentioned that I’m speaking from a raid perspective.

M+ WW is a top dog because its AOE is on another level, WW struggles single target, always has. It doesn’t have the same power on 1 target that somtehing like a rogue would have.

would also like to know how well they are in LFR and Normal?

Literally any class and spec can be played at LFR and Normal levels. They can also be played at heroic and mythic unless you’re pushing world first or the highest keys, but that’s another discussion. If you enjoy it, play it.

If you’re excited about 6-10k dos on packs in m+, wait until you get some gear. You’ll be bursting 40 - 60k every other pack :wink:

Single target overall is not great, but the damage profile is still worth bringing. Monk single target is very bursty; you’ll do fantastic damage at critical points but then start to really drag.

This can be a good thing. For example, single target damage on mythic sun king in Nathria is all about bursting through flame shield. Monk’s ST is actually pretty good in that respect.

On long sustained single target though, were not exactly the best. Usually bottom 5-ish. This is a little better now that the ripcord has been pulled. We can switch between kyrian and NL depending on the fight, and that does help our ST a bit.

Additionally, ST fights often have some high mobility mechanics which monks are very well equipped to deal with. Xymox was all ST, but we were probably the best class at running seeds. Remnant in Sanctum is almost purely ST, but WW is one of the best at running orbs. It’s not like we’re useless if SCK isn’t the best button to press on any specific fight.

Also, our aoe is so insanely strong atm that your raid team won’t even care about your ST. Monk is in a very good place in the mythic meta atm. We very much deserve a raid spot, and in most situations ww is the ideal spec to provide mystic touch.

A lot of these strengths I’ve talked about are lost on heroic. There’s less aoe, and less mobility mechanics. Aggregate statistics have monks as a bottom 4 spec for heroic, but a top 4 spec in mythic.

In high end raiding and m+ we’re absolutely fire.