Windows 10 ARM64 Support Now Available

In Chains of Domination, we’ve added Windows 10 ARM64 support to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

This makes it possible to run WoW on Windows 10 ARM64 devices, which it previously could not, and this is now testable in new build of the Chains of Domination PTR.

While our internal testing has been successful, we’re looking for any unexpected issues that might be out there, so please test the latest Chains of Domination PTR build on your Windows 10 ARM64 devices and let us know if you run into any issues here in this forum thread. In particular, we expect the performance of the game to be relative to the specifications of the device, so please feel free to tell us about your specs and how WoW performs for you.

Thank you very much.


Wow you guys are supporting arm processors but still won’t support Linux natively. Makes me sad. :disappointed_relieved:


Any Surface Pro X users out there? What’s the performance like?

From what I remember from closed beta way back in 04 it was because there’s too many variables with Linux. Distros, kernal changes, etc.

I’d like to see it, but I doubt the interest is high enough right now.

And now with apple switching away from OpenGL while windows moves to directx there will be additional work involved. Best case would be them moving to support Vulkan.

There are snap packages that might make easier from a packaging standpoint now. This contains all of the components an app needs to run. And doesn’t steam target Ubuntu specifically? That’s what I would do also.

It’s a lot more work than to simply recompile for a new architecture. I get it… but still makes me sad.


When I saw it discussed it had more to do with what users do to the software. Too Mandy differences. Might even be harder now with how Warden works compared to then. Idk.

Does Vulkan work on everything? Idk, I don’t use it on the only other game I play that supports it because I had major graphics issues with it.

Any plans on bringing the support to TBC Classic?

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Windows supports Vulkan natively but the oddball here is Apple.

Previously Apple supported OpenGL, which is old and dated, but worked everywhere. They came up with Metal as their new graphics library instead of moving to support Vulkan.

They are similar so like with Direct X people are making compatibility layers to translate it but that’s not the same as native support.

Basically Blizzard Dev’s have gone the route of using DirectX 12 and Metal support instead of trying to use Vulkan on windows and still having to support Metal on OSX. And if you only want to support Windows and Apple PC’s this makes total sense!

Vulkan makes the most sense if you want to support consoles since that’s what Playstations use, and is the closest to a “Works everywhere” solution. This is why you see some of the games support Vulkan and DirectX 12. They basically had to for console support.

I was reading that there are some usability difference between vulkan and metal, and I assume vulkan and directx also. vulkan is a lot more complex to use. so that’ll be a factor as well. =/ sigh

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Would be nice if someone can test this on flagship phones using WINE for android. This would be great to run in Samsung Dex/Motorola Ready mode.


This is really the future, glad to see Blizz implementing this. I don’t have a use (yet) but the new Apple chips really make an argument for supporting single threaded hungry apps like wow.

Ah. I see.

Yeah I think Baldurs Gate 3 is going to be on console so that’d explain Vulkan.

WoW was already patched to run on the M1 back when shadowlands released.

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Yeah? What’s the performance like on ARM?

idk im not dumb enough to by a m1 mac and game on it.

I’m glad someone said it.

WoW is a mobile game now.

I have The Base M1 Mac Mini running on High Settings at 1080p

Constant 60FPS with zero heat from the unit not even a fan speed increase.

The mac mini M1 runs wow flawless with no problems what so ever


how are addons handled? Do you have any compatibility issues?

The default UI is almost entirely defined by text files and media. Third-party addons use the exact same environment of text files and media to do what they do. If the WoW UI works, and they’ve enabled addons, then addons should work the same.

A rare few addons have supporting executables that you run outside the game, for updating the addon’s data from the web. And there’s third-party clients that you run outside the game for updating addons. Those executables will of course not get a free pass.