Will/can we get increase nameplate distance in TBC?

Oh this is so amazing, thank you!

I’ll miss sneaking up on people but the targeting convenience for everything else is amazing.

The phrasing for this fix is hilarious.

It’s obvious the people working on the game have never played it. They never knew name plate distances were supposed to be larger to begin with.

Blizzard please give us the ability to use the Cvars clamping for nameplates along with this change! As a tank it kills me to be rotating my camera all over the place on tall mobs to find their nameplates!

Not sure if the nameplate change was supposed to happen in the last patch but typing in the command just gives a Lua error with an empty box and the raid frames stay at 20 yards.

Yeah, Beta just got an update, but nameplates are still 20 yards, and typing the command just brings up a blank Lua error box.

It works if you change the quotes to proper double quotes instead of the unicode quotes the forum seems to have injected.


/script C_CVar.SetCVar("nameplateMaxDistance", 41)


let’s go

Thank goodness.

Can we PLEASE get the option to reduce name plate distance on live as well? A fixed 60 yard distance is AWFUL.


I’m assuming you are referring to the Dual Spec feature that arrived in WotLK?

The longer version didn’t work for me this morning either. Perhaps it’s just not active in the build yet?

The longer versions quotations are messed up because of the forums.

/script C_CVar.SetCVar("nameplateMaxDistance", 41)



Strange, I copy pasted it directly from Kaiv’s post which (at least now) appears to have the quotations in it. Perhaps it didn’t earlier then.

Well, if you look closely the quotations are actually different in Kaiv’s post

“these quotations”

"vs these quotations"

The first set has a bit of a tilt to them and that messes with the game.


Ohhh, I see. Good catch. Wish that would have been stated in that post as that’s extremely hard for my far from perfect eyes to see. Oh well :man_shrugging:

Haha, np, wasn’t me who caught but a guy further up, said they’re “unicode” quotes.

Base hunter range is 35, hunter range with hawk eye is 41, hence the 41 yard nameplate range

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HILARIOUS! :exploding_head:

Thanks for the wisdom… that totally makes sense. :joy::sweat_smile:

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Neither command is working, nameplates stuck at 20.

Edit 2: No it didn’t.


Holy priest with 2/2 holy reach and 3 piece ZG bonus has 42 yard smites :open_mouth: