Will you be able to move classic characters to TBC later?

Hello all, I love my little classic character, he is level 7 now. I like to jump around a bit on him and explore.

Unfortunately, it looks like I will not be able to reach 60 before the decision to move him to the burning crusade. I was hoping to experience the classic content on him like the Molten Core raid. Then, once I did all the Classic things I wanted and felt like he was ready to move on, I was hoping to get him into TBC and work through all the TBC content from there, at my own pace. And so on with every classic expansion they do.

From what I was reading, it seems like I can only copy him over now, as a level 7, to allow him to go into the burning crusade. And although he is not very leveled, I have spend a few days on him collecting cute things that I would like to keep. I also like to play the auction house on him and he has collected about 50 gold, which I hope not to lose.

Will it be possible to move characters to future expansions? If not, why? And do you think this could ever be changed in the future to allow people to explore the whole game while it’s relevant at their own pace?

Thank you for your time.

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turns the older expansions into gold farming paradises


Once May 18th hits your character will be stuck at level 7 until you decide to copy him to classic or tbc servers. once you copy him only way to copy him to the other is to pay and have him on both. But you can’t copy him to classic realms level him to 60 then copy the level 60 over to tbc won’t be able to do that later on.

You’re not moving characters at all. Blizzard is copying all our toons to BOTH tbc and classic. Clone is the worst word they could have used.

All we are doing is activating them.

Read the support article here:

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