Will We See Arthas in Shadowlands?


It never fails, gnomes makes the comments.


I’m not following the modern story too much, but it would be interesting if Arthas and Sylvanas make peace in the end, somehow.


That’s hilarious.


If we do get to see Arthas I really hope that they do his story justice, because for me at least, he is the reason wow was so huge in the early years. If the’re just gonna take a knee with his lore don’t even bother, he’s to big of a lore character to ruin. Maybe a redemption arc with his father and sister there for example.


We will help arthas pull a gorefiend by helping him get a new body to come back to Azeroth. The true king will return!


some friends are telling me it’s Terenas Menethil II, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised, i mean the crown and long hair is a pretty good indication.


Ion already said he isn’t coming back. No idea why though.


The crown makes it look like hes wearing the helm of domination or something.

But Blizz actually came out and said that this is a brand new character that we have never seen before, someone older than the titans.

So this isnt gonna be Terenas or anybody weve seen


I’d like to see a cameo, based off the book and Edge of Night.

We find him as a child, weeping over the grave of Invincible, forever stuck in a loop of grief. He has a moment of clarity during a conversation with Jania, then he goes back to his torment.


I’m sick of villains seeking redemption. I’d rather Arthas manipulating us into believing he’s trying to redeem himself just for us to find out he was using us to reforge the helm of domination or something like that.


No I hope not

(Dremin) #32

Eh, sorta. A part of Ner’zhul’s spirit resided in the Helm of Domination; that’s where a lot of the Lich King’s power, particularly raising and controlling the dead, came from. Bolvar subdued Ner’zhul to a whisper when he put it on, so when Arthas “murdered” Ner’zhul, he really just pushed Ner’zhul’s spirit out of his head.

To OP, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Ion or another dev mention not too long ago Arthas was fully dead or something and not in the Shadowlands?


Amen brother.

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We may. We know his soul went to the maw.

I would laugh out of my chair if the jailer has been corrupted by the souls in the maw. The last and most dominate one being arthas. And arthas is yet again manipulating sylvie.

How ironic would it be for the jailer to betray sylvie and revial itself to be arthas just using her again.

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Ion Hazzikostas stated that the Jailer isn’t Arthas because Arthas is dead. It’s possible that Arthas’ soul no longer exists after having been fully devoured by the Maw or something, thus we won’t be seeing him in any form in Shadowlands.


yes. I’m willing to bet that we’ll find him at max level, somewhere in the Jailer’s citadel midway through the expansion.


Wasnt that because they randomly turned him from an anti-hero to a tyrannical psychopath?

I believe Legion was meant to fix that mess


He needs it. His story line was essentially “oh crap, a grease fire!” throws bucket of ice water on it …“woops”

  1. Ion said Arthas wasn’t coming back.
  2. Ion said The Jailor is a new character.


Dude i agree hes the jailor. If not itll be a full on redemption lile illidan had in legion