Will we get an April Fool's joke this year?

So far, nothing on the website or forums.

At this very moment it is literally 9 post down from yours how dumb

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They decided to get an early start in August 2018. The joke is so epic it’s still going well into this year.


we’re currently living the greatest april fools ever

it started August 14, 2018 and continues to this very day

ENJOY IT :slight_smile:


I think you may have just gotten April fooled as well.

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The main sign of a perfect April 1 jest is that at first no-one notices.

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You’re almost as bad as a couple of my employees. I can send them out to the outer shop to retrieve something and they’ll come back “I can’t find it”… I go out and it is like right inside the door…


I dont think so. I cant wait for Findr.

Several people here not getting it. :upside_down_face:

BFA expansion is your Aprils fools joke.