Will We Ever Take Rage of the Sleeper?

It doesn’t really seem worth going all the way down the tree to pick up, as it seems like it’s just another barksin. Maybe if you raid? But even then idk if there’s mechanics where you need 2 barksins, if you do you might aswell just take 2 SI instead.

For pvp, and yes there are some weirdos that play bear in pvp.

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Who knows…. There might be some encounter in which you’re able to cheese the mechanic or stack a full guardian raid like we did in bfa.

I’m always down for trying things out if it’s fun.

Yea, seems like it’s only for cheese though. They should revert it back to the SL version of it. At least then you can justify taking it for damage.

But Yeah , it’s current version is lazy design. A 3rd damage reduction spell wasn’t really on our “need” list.


They could try to make it something cool with a reflect type talent. But its tooltip says “reflects a tiny amount of damage”, which is a shame. Could be cool to take that and brambles then just do a big m+ pull and everything dies from hitting you.

Ahhaha I remember the twilight dev build with stacked guardians. Good times! :rofl:

No more twilight dev, but I do believe you can still tank raid WPVP a capital city with 40x Warden buffs stacked from HOA.

I know im probably never gonna take it.
Well i say never but maybe if theres some kind of raid mechanic thats just back to back nuke levels of dmg then I’d think about it.

It really needs a bit more too it then just being an extra barkskin with a longer cd.

When I killer Jailer I used Sleeper lego because I could time every SkinCarn to negate the knockback. There will be encounters that will benefit from it.

As an RBG Bear, yes.

I mean, it’s the best tank in rated BGs so….