Will there be 12 allied race?

I doubt it’s true.

They might be the last we’ll see in BFA, but Blizzard can really add more any time they want. There’s also been some datamining and a new faction of free Mogu (with females!) are coming in 8.3. My guess is they will be Pandaren’s AR one day.

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Neutral Sethrak lets go baby.


The short answer is we don’t know. BfA isn’t entirely over, there’s still 8.3.5 which is a total unknown. So I guess there’s a chance, but I wouldn’t bank too much on it happening yet.


The embassy on PTR is arranged for more flags is what i heard.

The leaks on MMO champ (take them for what you will) said that Forsaken Night elf would be on the Horde and Lightforged Undead on the Alliance.

These are stupid additions and i hope they don’t exist.


Void Night Warrior, Night Elf Worgen!
Light-infused, Vampire Forsaken!
Other Panda.


There is space on AR banner for 2 more

Let’s go Sethrak! :snake::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Seen some Sethrak npcs datamined for 8.3! Here’s hoping it might point to something. And they share rigging with Worgen.


We don’t need no more stinkin AR

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I don’t trust leaks I tust interviews and ptr datamining. I do believe that ion did go to china and confirmed that derek and calia will not join the horde.

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Yeah the next ones will be the following.

Insert allied race players are actually wanting


Sethrak sethrak sethrak!


can I get a amen?


I think there will be more allied races but I don’t think they’ll be the ones mentioned above. We worked so closely with two races in 8.2 that I would be incredibly surprised if they don’t become allied races.

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They’ve said that the system used for the allied races gives them the ability to make races quicker, so I’m guessing we’ll see more of them in the future. Now whether or not they’ll make one for each core race only time will tell and I’m sure it would have to fit their goals.


I’m sure there will be more allied races as time goes on, though I doubt we’ll see 10+ in one expansion again. The character creation screen can always be redesigned to allow more slots for forthcoming races, both core and allied. Honestly, I hope we see more of both.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to continue my support for Ogres, Saurok, and San’layn as playable Horde races, allied or core. :japanese_ogre: :crocodile: :bat:


Ogres were supposed to be in at launch.

The fact that they weren’t the first allied race is BS.


They should ad Tauren sized gnomes to the alliance


Also agreed.

My head is gnome sized, maybe your wish has already came true!

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I would like a New undead anything by now i hope it’s true lol!

What about undead hopes and dreams for the future of a horde not constantly hit by the villain bat

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Wait… what?

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