Will the PTR include the ICC dungeons?

Looking to test these out as well.

I’ve only read wowhead and listened to some of the dev interview. It sounded like icc+the dungeons+rdf+default quest helper would be available for testing when ptr goes live. patience ahead. i am most stoked.

moving my tank and my hunter over to playtest and try to break teh isntances. as soon asi can this evening.
maybe see what is broken. at this time.

PTR is up, can’t access ICC’s entrance or the frozen halls, both still have a locked door. There is no in game quest helper, no RDF, group finder is broken Message: ...ns/Blizzard_LookingForGroupUI/Blizzard_LFGBrowse.lua:128: attempt to call method 'ClearDataProvider' (a nil value) Time: Tue Aug 29 20:17:55 2023

We got the retail mount and pet tab though! https://i.imgur.com/OEBUioM.png


literally missing everything they said would be in it?

New blue post from kaivax about the PTR:
Continuing the discussion from Wrath Classic 3.4.3 PTR Development Notes:

They said they would be testing raids on this PTR test.

They did not say it would be testing rdf.

Your test is in another castle.

They said those features will come in the patch, not necessarily this PTR build.
This build was intended to focus on the raid as that’s the main core of the patch.
They do multiple builds over the course of the PTR.

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