Will TBC classic servers be on fresh realms?

Will we have to make new characters and get new usernames or will all the data from classic be sent over with the same realms?

Long story fresh - not fresh, as characters from Vanilla progress. Same character names. All gold. All mounts, achieves etc.

Decked out Naxx 60’s will fly through early OL leveling if thats what you are asking.

so snagging a good name wont be an option it seems ;w;

What you see on Classic servers will be on BC remastered servers because those servers will become the BC servers.

Anyone who wants to stay in Classic must ante up the $35 cloning fee to transfer to a Classic server.

Fresh frozen realms

Why are you asking this question here? Wouldn’t you get a better set of answers from asking on the TBC or Classic forums?

But here is the obvious answer: you will step through the portal on your Classic server into Outland on your same server. There are no ‘fresh’ servers.

As Notagin said, if you want a character to stay on your server unchanged, you will need to clone it. Otherwise it will advance from the moment you step through. That is my understanding but if you want to be sure, just ask for clarification on one of the Classic forums.

Not entirely accurate you can play either classic or tbc on 1 character for free, if you want to play both classic and tbc with the same character that will cost you $35

I think I said that.

I wish there was going to be at least one fresh realm. “Tovi” is taken on all the pve realms.