Will SOM have Spell Batching?


Looked couldnt find an answer but maybe im blind.

There’s no batching on the SoM beta

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It is like the end of classic. Very small like 10 ms or something.

Confirmed – spell batching in Season of Mastery will be removed, same as in Classic Era and Burning Crusade Classic.


But leeway remains?

You’ve been fire, Kaivax.

Batching in classic era and burning crusade is 10ms, do you mean there will be no batching alltogether or will it be 10ms like in classic era and burning crusade?

Just remove the garbage leeway and we’re golden.


Removed or changed to what it is in TBCC? Because TBCC still has Spell Batching as you guys reduced it to 10ms.

I don’t know why they haven’t.

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Yep, I asked this a few days ago no response. There is no reason for leeway to remain since #nochanges is gone.