Will SoM BGs have same faction queues

Let players know in advance if this is planned.


Alliance queues are gonna be long LUL with everyone going alliance.

This just shows how little you know. If 80% of a server is alliance less than 20% of alliance will queue bgs. Probably closer to 10%. Meanwhile if 20% of a server is horde 18% (80%+ of the entire horde population) will queue bgs. Facts.


Except that many pvpers that played Horde last time are going Alliance this time.

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How does that effect a servers population? Many alliance players from classic will play horde…

Also they are going alliance for improved pvp performance? No, pve performance, they will drop into the pot of 80%+ that don’t queue bgs.

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Why would they?

Topic. Read.

The post isn’t about who will and won’t queue, I had to explain to you why I asked the topic. It’s about if they plan to have same faction BGs like it ended up with in TBC. Its about a balance of queue times. You really should learn more about this game.


Raid gear matters a lot for PvP and raiding will be easier for Alliance. Thus I think many pvpers that played Horde will switch to Alliance. Thus I don’t believe Horde will have queue times like last time. I think it’s possible, maybe even likely that Alliance will have the queues.

Ultimately boils down to: Do Horde racials still provide an overall advantage in PvP? Now that Alliance will have an easier time gearing on top of their racials, I doubt it.

Dungeon set 2 is available. It can be obtained faster than weeks/months of doing raids to get a set.

I do hear what you are saying about horde queues though. Trust me, I am an alliance player at heart, I am on the fence for faction due to friends being split. I am just curious if Blizzard intends to address this probability ahead of time or not.

Alliance will have longer queue times this time.

Alliance will not have longer queues, you need to refer to my earlier post about the % of factions that actually queue BGs. If anything it will be equity or horde skewed for BG queues. You need to just move off the forums you and the bluedude troll are just here to troll and show you have an IQ of 10, with buffs.

Dont feed the troll he is probably one of people that actually thought alliance were outnumbered terribly in classic.

The fact is like OP said, alliance on a whole dont queue up or pvp for that matter. So, what if more horde switch to alliance side. It wont be enough to turn the tide heavy for alliance.

Bg queues will still be almost instant for alliance.

Interesting dynamics here, is the play for alliance BG players to just go to the mega server (right now looking like JG) to account for the 80% of pve players that wont queue? Makes me rethink smaller servers…

A strange perspective – I want “better queues” so I’ll go to the most populated alliance server lol.

Yeah, you better take into account that there wont be a large alliance pvp pool. Most if not a large portion of alliance dont care for pvp.

Queues are not server based. They are cross server. Your server pop is irrelevant.


I need to think, what would I rather play in classic SoM –

  1. ONLY ever premade (small and full grps) as an alliance player on an alliance dominated server. Like, never let myself solo queue.

                    ^------- avoids being queued with the half afk-half quitter overpopulated alliance bin of players ("the 80%")


  1. Go Horde for once to guarantee that I can find competent BG allies while solo queueing, but have limited options for premades.


You want to be on a mega server if you want to rank because the brackets will be larger.

Wait a second so… theoretically as a pugger, let me get this right–

You want to be queuing on the same faction that has more people queuing for bgs - correct?

Because PvPers like me would rather have longer, horde-like queues, for more engaged teammates.

Right? Im confusing myself lol

You want longer queues if you are ranking yes. Shorter queues suck. Longer queues mean you have time to do stuff in between, and also people will try harder.

Longer queues suck for rep grind though because you get less games per hour. So it is a trade off.

So if ranking you want to be on a mega server that has a lot of rankers and be on the faction with the longer queues.