Will SoM BGs be pooled with classic era?

I dont see anything that would make it unfair


I doubt it.

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I doubt it too.}

Phase 1 full rank 14 and naxx geared premades seems unfair, imo.


Wut lol

My guy forgot that gear exists?


Early BGs in dungeon blues is the best time to BG. Nobody wants to play against classic era in their Rank 14 and Naxx gear. What even is this suggestion?


good idea for under60 bracket BG


Because people playing classic era haven’t had time to do that?

Uh…everyone in classic era is in full naxx gear. Is this bait

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Because people playing SoM will not have had a.) Time to grind Rank 14, and b.) Access to Naxx gear in P1.

Ok now actually rereading the thread and noting op is posting on a 19 Twink I’m assuming they want to roll the levelers in SoM in bgs when it launches since era bgs are dead outside of lv60. Let’s make that a double nope

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I support this idea. It reinforces the idea into people’s minds they cant choose to force wipe progression, and sends a message that people want to play forever classic.

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These are all twinks trying to rope some poor souls into their sweat lodge lol


Sounds like you have experience with sweat lodges

Is this better? I’m lvling new toons since classic is picking back up and I’d like BGs to be part of it.

Being fodder for absolute bis 19 twinks =/= BGs

Nobody’s forcing you to do anything. People are choosing to start over because they want to. You’re the one trying to force people to stay with you on dead servers and farm stale content for eternity. Enjoy being alone m8

Idk what crack you are smoking ‘m8’ but clearly you must be blind to not realize that a good group wants to play classic forever so why don’t you do us all a favor and plug that leaking hole of yours?