Will S3 gladiator cutoff rating change due to dqs?

They’re doing the “ignore the playerbase until they lose the will to keep asking” strategy. Perfected over the years.


My hopes for an answer are as low as my motivation to keep playing this game…

However, i won’t let 4 month of grind vanish into empty teams without a fight.
Get ready to read my posts until woltk (or until an answer Kappa).

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Yes, hopefully it does not come down to that!




Arthas would be ashamed of this level of support.

nah, he’d reward it with boxes of grain

Wicked Jnateee

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Any good news on US server after the reset ?

Just checked…sadly no change.

Also on ironforge website - cutoffs last updated 21 days ago for season 3 which basically did not include any changes. No response from blizzard or feedback from the email sent to hacks@blizzard.com. Seems like none of the twitter posts people made a few weeks ago yielded any results as well.

This is really disheartening to say the least. I for one feel tainted regarding how there has been no response AND no action regarding season 3 results. On the bare minimum - ladder cleanup can be done to remove teams not eligible for rewards and an adjustment to glad / r1 cutoff to be made after this is done… this would probably take 5 minutes of work for each region.

I really feel for that r1 duelist team with over 1000 games played who responded in this thread in EU 2s when there are currently 15 teams occupying a gladiator spot which do not have eligible team members therefore these teams should be removed. They played warrior rdruid too so probably 10-15 min games on average…it adds up to be a lot of time of effort and the season is completed disregarded on the clean up end for the first time in TBC classic.

Please blizzard let us know something regarding this matter…you are looking into this OR at the very least don’t keep us hanging. We all want to enjoy wrath of the lich king and future classic expansions but some of us will never forget this and will instantly cancel our subs due to the sour taste this has left for some of us. Cheers and take care.


Thanks for your kind post <3

I can only agree with you. My expectations are the same :

  • Simple cleanup of uneligible teams
  • An answer from blizzard to at least let us know that they care about us… the customers.

Wish all of us can finally get over this in one way or another.


Bump for response.

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bill zard pls no scam


Somewhat impressed people still have hope they’re going to respond to this. You have 15+ years of evidence saying otherwise.

No update on EU neither…
The silence of Blizzard is killing me… DO/POST SOMETHING !

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you never know…

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Daily bump for response.

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LF Support in order to remove empty teams and adjust the bracket like it has always been done since arena exists in wow.


Damn, maybe Azyrixx is right

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