Will Ragnaros and Onyxia drop Tier 2?


Again its when the person logged in and as other people said some achievements from Vanilla didn’t transfer when achievements first came out. Look at my achievements and go under the feats. I believe it says I obtained my warlord title in 2008. When I actually did that well before BC was released.


Loot drops in MC are purely speculation at this point but yes, Hunters won’t be able to get the Mature Blue Dragon Sinew until Azeregos joins us in phase 2


Ouch , plus these mega servers will definitely need some sort of fix at that point, tags for that dragon are premium… if my guild isn’t competitive enough I’ll definitely have to offer gold for that seniew.


Right, none of the dates should be before 2008 when the achievements were added, but some of them might display 2009 or later if the player didn’t log in from before achievements were added until later for the past achievements to be assigned. I’m just not clear on whether that last part is correct or whether they would all have the 2008 date on them regardless of when the player first logged in after achievements were added to the game


It was my understanding that flags for completing achievements didn’t exist in vanilla. When achievements were added the flags were added too. So if you killed rag in MC post achievements, you got flagged for it AND the achiev.

I thought they did pseudo checks for it when that character logged in the first time after achieve were brought in. So if you had rag loot somewhere in your bags/bank you got the achiev, and may or may not activate the flag. If you didn’t have loot, the game had no idea if you had cleared and you didn’t get the achiev until you did the run again.

CBF looking for patch notes, but I believe it worked like this.


Couldn’t you get it off regular adult blue dragons at like a 3% rate :thinking:


I thought they added that much later but since this will be 1.12 it might be available yes


I’m not sure because my achievements are kind of all over the place. I was one of the people who took a break from the game before achievements were added. I have achievements for Exalted with Stormpike on 2/22/2009, UBRS on 3/16/2009, Ony and ZG level 60, plus Tabard of the Argent Dawn from the Scourge Invasion are from 3/26/2009, exalted with Zaldalar shows 4/09/2009 and my Paladin Charger achievement is 4/18/2009 but all of those were things I did in vanilla.

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Because these “Tier 1” raid bosses dropped one Tier 2 item each in Vanilla


Didnt raid vanilla, huh?

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Because they’re part of their loot table.


They’ll do exactly the same thing they did in Vanilla.

Add stuff in Phases the same way they did when they added patches and content updates in vanilla.


Uhh my Honor title that I got in vanilla doesn’t show the year I got the achievement until after Vanilla, because well, when did achievements release champ?


All of my vanilla achievements show 2009 as well and many of my classic achievements did not even carry over.

For example ragnaros kill was not part of my original achievements on this character although obviously we had him on farm.

All vanilla achievements need to be taken with a grain of salt as far as accuracy goes.


How to identify someone that started playing in legion 101

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lol, whoops


Helm and legs will be available P1. They only gear that won’t be are the pieces that were added as dungeon drops for ‘catch up’ gear.


I have the rep and achievements and mine didn’t carry over. The achievements are buggy.

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Yeah, some of mine did when I combined my original account over to my b net account. I have my Argent Dawn tabard but I had to re-kill Hakkar and Ossirian to get those achievements. Also my Stone Guard title never carried over but other people got theirs :frowning:

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When you are on the forums, everyone started WoW since the Beta, and downed a few bosses in Naxx if not cleaned it completely