Will paid server transfer happen or not?

Title. What do you guys think?

the have it in there this bg patch its just not live yet so yes it will happen.

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Try reading stickies?


In the last patch they added some code to allow it to happen. I believe eventually they will make it so.

MAY BE ADDED doesnt mean its happening 100%

And Blizzard “may” not like money, either.


They wouldn’t waste their time on transfer integration if they didn’t plan to enable it at some point. It is only worded in that way because companies rarely speak in absolutes

$30 transfers INC

They have stated from the beginning that they were coming , and stated in patch notes recently they have added some of the code to make them happen. Yes they will come soon™

I will laugh like hell if they don’t come until after Naxx.

This is a one foot in one foot out non committed statement. Key word “may”

I mean…it’s a bit overly obvious that it will so… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Then you haven’t experienced alot of Blizzard non committal talk that means “yes we’ll do this, chill out”… they sign NDAs for pete’s sake. They’re not allowed to say “this is a definite”.

if that happens no one will use them lol most ppl quit after 2 months of naxx.

If they add it before the AQ event I can’t wait to see all the people complaining about people transferring to other servers where the gong hasn’t been hit.

Depends on whether Naxx is the end, or if they do the entire Classic Trilogy.

Yeah, this is why I say it probably won’t happen until Naxx has dropped.

what does it matter, classic will still die (vanilla). TBC will be great tho.

They didn’t have to put it into the patch notes. They decided to include it so I’m actually expecting them to allow paid transfers next week or fairly soon.

Although if I were a developer, I wouldn’t want to add such feature before the christmas break in case there is a bug in migration script. The last thing I would want is to fix corrupted character data on holidays.

See, when I think of Classic, I think the Classic Trilogy, rather than just the oldest stuff. TBC and Wrath were the most popular time in the game’s existence. I’m sure they’ll keep a couple Vanilla-only servers up, though, as a hammer to smite pirate servers with.