Will I even see playable Kul'tirans before my sub runs out?

(Stryg) #1

It’s been 5 months since BFA was released. These ‘allied races’ have been announced since 2016.

By the time 8.15 rolls around, it will easily be 6 or 7 months into the expansion that the FLAGSHIP CONTENT is actually released. And just to kick our teeth in even more, skinny Kul’tirans won’t even be playable like they supposed to be when announced IN 2016.

I’m so sick and tired of the carrot on the stick leading us along. I’m not renewing my sub. However many days I have left is all that I’m sticking to. No more money from my wallet is going to Blizzard until they smarten up.

Time to find a better game to invest my time, effort, and money. I have a strong feeling this will be my last visit to the forums or any Blizzard game for a long while.


you are not alone. It’s really sad watching a loved one die. I loved wow, but now it seams like she don’t love me anymore. Time to separate and go different directions.


Either at the end of the expansion or prolly will be unlocked during the next expansion.

(Yayayayayaya) #4

Thought it was going to be released around April? That’s 8-9 months into the expansion. Read a funny comment on WH earlier the new AR’s will be released when the expansion is over.

(Divium) #5

I ship out near december will i??

(Ignala) #6

I really wish they’d hurry up and release them, I don’t understand what the wait is for at this point. I get that they wanted us to spend time with the races until we could earn their friendship and trust, but haven’t we done enough of that? Really disappointed they didn’t choose to release them with the raid.

(Dreadmoon) #7

This is how I feel waiting for Zandalari and Kultirans:


I suppose for all of us there is a lesson here - let’s not purchase until the things we are paying for are available.


Brb, buying a lottery ticket,going to have more of a chance with that.


You feel kicked in the teeth, just because a game company is keeping to their schedule, NOT changing their plans because of what YOU want? That is taking “think-skinned” to a new level. Or is “snowflake” the new meme?

Blizzard NEVER told us that Kul Tirans would be playable when BFA launched. Every time allied races have been mentioned, the schedule has been the same.

Blizzard NEVER told us that we could play “skinny Kul Tirans”. The whole idea of “playable skinny Kul Tirans” was started by players, in this forum, months after Blizzcon. I saw it happen. I was here. I’ve seen dozens of threads about it – and none of them claim Blizzard promised it, except you.

(Rhielle) #11

Uh… this slide would like to say hi.

And this is the interview about skinny KT:

Are Thin Humans going to be an Allied race, are they NPCs, what’s the weird, thin Human model? So, Thin Man and Fat Man are what we call them internally. And no, they’re not intended to be a different race, [they’re] just variants on Kul Tirans. So, generally, when we’re spawning up Kul Tiras on the design side, we looked at using them as kind of our… maybe it’s a little bit like, ‘The big guy’s the bouncer!’ Or, ‘The big guy’s the ruffian who’s got a little guy up by the neck! And then the little guy’s more the scoundrel and they’re always holding daggers or leanin’ up against something,’ and, I don’t know, it just gives us a little more flavor and texture to the world.

I came for the Kul Tiran Humans, and all I got was this lousy fog
(Anufenrir) #12

Then plans changed and they switched mag’har in. It happens. Game development isn’t simple.

(Rhielle) #13

I’m not arguing that. I’m arguing the fact that Gari flipped out and claimed the AR release schedule never changed.

(Tiridan) #14

But the Zandalari were announced to release at launch during Blizzcon.

Edit: Rhielle already has that covered :slight_smile:

(Anufenrir) #15

Fair, but people here adhere to that as the final plans. Honestly one thing getting pushed back and replaced is much better than some other expansions where stuff was removed (Farralhan says hi)

(Rhielle) #16

It’d be hilarious if they took out Zandalari and KT because they can’t finish them or some excuse on how they had to change the Azerite system and didn’t have time. LOL

(Yayayayayaya) #17

This expansion has just been so rushed and incomplete so far, it’s glaringly obvious. I don’t know much about game development but it’s kind of absurd how badly “good” ideas in concept have turned out.

(Anufenrir) #18

Trust me the GD wishes that was the case. They’d have a real reason to complain finally.

(Anufenrir) #19

Not arguing that.

(Arron) #20

Sure, it’s been 5 months… and in that time we’ve had access to six other allied races, with more confirmed on the horizon.

Is the wait a little long? Sure. I personally think it’s time for Zandas and KTs to be released now, but I think it’s also a bit hyperbolic to imply that the five months we’ve had since the game’s release has been filled with nothing.

It’s been filled with a lot of stuff we don’t want, but not nothing.