Will female tauren ever get their missing grey fur color?

Colors: https://i.imgur.com/wGMKiiJ.png

I would really like to see them have the blue-grey color some day. It’s my favorite :frowning:



Thanks for posting the thumbnail! <3

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When did it go missing? Shall I make some posters in case someone has seen it?

In all seriousness… If its gone then thats utter bologna. I think I also used grey whenever I made a tauren.

Anyone have a clue as to why its gone? If it is. I havent made a tauren in a long time.


It’s also worth noting that male tauren get 3 patterns for every color whereas female tauren get 2.

It’s no secret they design male models first, but c’mon.


I never knew that WTF?!

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No changes, developers should focus on the game not cosmetics… this is what is ruining retail

You don’t say. It has been 15 years and blizzard’s is far behind in customization AND gameplay. If you think blizzard should not upgrade things that had to be upgraded years ago you are the kind of players that want to ruin and hold back retail.


Excuse me, I am bad for not wanting blizzard to change what was clearly never meant to be in the game?

Keep being salty over that missing shade though and demand it take precedent over actual content

When it comes to customization there is a long bucket list of fixes and options to add and explore on.

But how long it took to get Goblin and Worgen fixed makes me so anxious.

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Reaching. Utterly reaching.


Read this again and tell me you are only referring to a simple skin change that should take a pair of minutes to create.

And yes, I like my food extra salty.


You could say that about any cosmetic change… Enjoy your slippery slope of people wanting pink thongs for their characters because developers catered to blue cow skin for women

I’m sure Blizzard has the manpower to make separate teams for this stuff so it’s not like Blizzard has everyone working on the same thing.

Also, I really would like to see us receive a blonde fur color too.


Hey, if that’s where this slippery slope is going, this Dwarf is absolutely going to rock a pink thong.

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Where does it end, Tauren are the most entitled player base. Might as well hand out free fedoras that give them invincibility while they are at it.

This is why we need the secret cow level in WoW so us gamers can release our frustration on Tauren

wow i didnt expect this thread to get a bunch of replies again suddenly.

I cant really tell if you’re trolling or not in your replies so I’m gonna go with it as if you aren’t. You seem kind of worked up over something so small and simple and I’m not sure how wanting such a minor cosmetic change is ruining retail

I agree that receiving actual content is much better. we all agree on this…but, blizzard is a huge company and has multiple departments for their multiple IPs so its not like they can’t do the two things at once?

…also u play a human :frowning:


Blue grey is only for DKs, right?

I just checked character creation and it’s not

Thank Thrall they made HM tauren females, so now instead of like 3 options we have 3 more options. With antlers and paint.

Blizz really drops the ball on “non pretty” female monster races.

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