Will Blizzard SIMPing for the horde continue in WOTLK?

So 99% of the Alliance was against the same faction battle grounds in TBC(unless they are on PVE server). But the Horde and a lot of steamers have taken up the cause to keep Blizzard simping for the horde. They give alliance players a quest that drops some random stuff in it as a F - U if you win 1-5 bg’s you might get something cool but mostly just water and bread. The balance has gotten so bad that now a 40%ali - 60%horde server is 20% or less ali now and most alli are so outgeared and out gunned they are Xfering to Alliance owned servers. This is outrages and worse Blizzard ignored the keeping it classic mindset that made the game great. yea Alliance would get ganked regardless, but i’d rather be ganked by 5 horde in bad gear then 1-5 in full pvp gear. When WOLK if/when it gets released I’m just wondering how Blizz will simp for them. Maybe nerf everyman or worse.

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They don’t need to do anything. It is what it is. Not many players quit because of one faction dominanted servers.


if faction/rance changes are alive and well in WoTLK like originally - wait till you see the alliance racial dominated swing :slight_smile:


I’ll be shocked if this DOESN’T happen.

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Why though? There were plenty of complaints going into Vanilla Classic and TBC Classic in regards to Will of the Forsaken—but they didn’t change that. Why would they change EMFHM to something other than what it was set on at that end patch they will roll Wrath out on (3.3.5? I think?)?

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Because Horde are the majority of the player base, so Blizz wants to keep them happy. HvH BGs never existed in original TBC or any other expansion, but Blizz added them to TBCC because Horde were crying about BG queues. Horde WILL cry about EMFH in Wrath Classic, so I expect Blizz to nerf it in order to keep them happy.


They can remove the same faction bgs in wrath. Mercenary mode is avaiable.

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They shouldnt touch EMFH at all.


Merc mode was added in WoD…

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There is no doubt the old devs had personal biases and favorites, which messed up WoW over time.

They favored Horde, as well as favoring their ‘main’ class to making it very strong and nerfing others so they would win more.


World of Warcraft is going to be owned by Microsoft.

Now is the time to start expressing good changes to WoW. Now is a time to bring them into the loop of what makes WoW great, and parts that does not.

Now is not the time to be caught up in OLD Blizzards pitting us against faction vs faction on the forums.

Do not fall for that tactic. It is used everywhere to keep you from looking at WHY.

Do not attack the player, attack the reason.


I fought pretty hard against FvF BGs (for this reason) and also fought for keeping server communities alive and more server choice but now we have what we have. I don’t know if it matters anymore with the exception of on a few servers.

Like what’s the point anymore? The majority who still play clearly did not want an authentic TBC experience, they just want a bland single faction game with no real community as long as they can get instant groups at 4am, and the same will be true with WotLK C.

If we can get some positive stuff that drives a good change though then sure. I’ll support anything that lets the game go in a direction I care about.


You and this community thing, where you think biggers servers have no community is purely wrong on all fronts.


Metasheep ruined everything.



Horde will definitely get every man for himself…

No way.

They will get it by faction changing.

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But…but Horde have been telling us for the past 3 years they went Horde so they could play with friends and don’t care about racials…


Yeah you watch…

Yeah I mean we both know that was a lie they’re all going to be Alliance for their friends I’m wrath of the lich King


Why would blizzard care?? They can just faction change.

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I will believe it when I see it… I would stake my entire gold pile on it