Will Balance Druids ever be a competitve DPS caster class?

The class simply can’t be good in pve with it’s current design.

Doing potentially insane damage every 6 seconds is just really bad design to have to balance the class around.

Dreamscythe and weaver:
91% hunter: 116.5k
me: 115.8k
92% rogue: 115.3k
90% enhance: 96.1k
90% feral: 85k

97 rogue: 229.8k
99 balance: 203.9k
93 melee hunter: 200.1k
92 enh: 178.5k
me: 155.95
91 feral: 144.6k

good balance players DO keep up with 90% melee players. If you want to complain about a class balance is NOT it.

Just as a reminder, you’re also horde. I shouldn’t need to explain to a 99 parsing God, why that makes a very large difference.

i like to put my spirit of the alpha on the boomkin and let them tank, all that armor bonus wouldnt be there if boomkin wasnt meant to be caster tank bear!

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YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT YOUR SPECIFIC RAID GROUP you brain dead ANIMAL LOL!!! We’re talking about in general the entirety of the WoW SoD population melee wise versus what Boomies are doing LOL. I’m actually LoLing right now. Your melee hunter did 681 dps for dreamscythe… THAT IS LOW… do you not know how to look up actual LOGS??? LOLOLOL

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Oh you mean like Mages and Warlocks and Hunters? Zzzz.

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He’s the kind of druid to show up with zero poison cleanses over the course of a raid.


I’m actually in tears you took the time to show this LOL wow, thank you! gold!

You’re absolutely insane. Heres a recap:

me: “balance can keep up with 90% melee players”
you: “no they can’t”
me: “has actual log data showing they can”
you: “no the melee players who parsed in that percentile don’t count because they are in your raid”

Have you considered the fact that maybe just maybe you are the problem?

You’re comparing what you did within your raid group, to the major population of actual logging raiders that are blowing you out of the water. You do not know your head from your behind


imagine if they were top 3 pve dps how easily it would translate into pvp. 1 rotation with a crit can delete someone in pvp when they are bottom 3 alongside ele and spriest in pve dps. all 3 are top tier pvp.

Alliance druids can’t though. At least not if they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing. You’re literally on easy mode mindlessly hitting the 2 button boomy rotation in probably really good gear.

Bro, I assure you, you are not a God – the class is dog$$$$ easy, and it underperforms, significantly.

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The majority of the population are bad players. Thats why you’re here complaining about a perfectly good class.

he’s trolling lol, he’s comparing his numbers to the numbers other melee within his raid group did. Instead of comparing his numbers to the actual statistics of other raiders within warcraft logs.


Who gets PI in your raids?

We pugged a healer priest who used it on themself

Lol Zolvolt, man… You’re the problem, the solution, the test subject and the lab. Thanks for the late night comedy!

I wish I could say you were the one trolling here but it’s obvious just another person who only looks at WCL overall graph and think it tells you what class is good and what class is bad.

According to WCL, Balance is 12th place out of 14 for normalized DPS in ST over the last two weeks. For non-normalized, it’s 13th out of 14.


If you keep comparing yourself to a hunter and rogue doing 60% of what they should actually be doing. I mean idk what to tell you lol