Will Balance Druids ever be a competitve DPS caster class?

Typically, SP have been able to excel in cleave fights. Much like aff locks on council fights, DoT classes do well. The issue is that outside of gimmick fights, hybrid classes will not be all-stars. That’s by design though.

Every class/spec has had to go through similar issues. Take rogues for example. Many times they have been a gimmick because of their outstanding survivability. (Not talking specifically about SoD. Talking about the history of the game.) When you give a class/spec a gimmick - they tend to be brought for that purpose first and everything else follows.

The primary problem in vanilla WoW is that most of the benefit of “hybrid” specs can be brought by the healer variant. Thus, when push comes to shove, that’s all they’re wanted for. If you want to be brought for your DPS, then roll a DPS exclusive class.

Unless youre a shaman


Enhancement will probably get toned down a bit, but all the caster specs are relatively close to one another.

The specs are all in a pretty good place. People getting upset about their performance are playing the game for the wrong reasons, IMO. There’s never going to be equivalence in the game, and I doubt people would even want that. Despite what is written on the forums, people enjoy playing underdog specs.

ONLY in bgs where super bad pvp’rs like you stand there letting the boomy free cast.

You’re the same pvp’r that screams a healer is to OP while he stands there free cast healing the team.

Boomy is a free kill for most classes. Boomkin literally has a 3min cd where they can 1v1 someone.

You bad pvp’rs need to be flagged so you can’t throw your awful takes out on the forums.


Not to mention the game should NEVER be balanced around PvP. Vanilla PvP is straight @. It isn’t good in any way, shape, or form. Gutting Star Surge damage due to PvP was a huge gut punch for balance druids. They still have threat issues as well due to Blizz stacking everything behind Starfire. 2-3 Starfire crits and you become the tank. 20 years later and these muppets still dont understand their own game


Maybe this is the jack of all trades. You are DPS and the Tank at the same time…

Yes, they are.

Yeah boomies were pretty damn good in BfA

Phase 2 was perfect for us tbh, middle of the pack.

Can’t we just be middle of the pack?

This forum has a hard on for telling any class with utility to kick rocks.

“you can cast a couple heals so NO DAMAGE FOR YOU”

Are we playing classic wow or are we playing SOD? Hmm.


balance is incredibly strong right now and should be one of your better dps classes. Outside of the case where melee is king this phase, balance is a top contender. If you’re not performing well on balance obviously you could find yourself thinking it’s in a bad place but balance is very strong right now.

I’d also like to add that balance was incredibly strong in gnomer as well. Just play well w/ proper gear and you will see results. (getting a warlock in your party for their spellpower buff is also helpful)

I feel like that is a you problem, either play or gearing or consumables-wise. I am close to the top in sunken temple

I don’t know what meters you’re looking at but, balance is NOT one of the better dps classes. We’re also talking about Phase 3, where we’ve only gotten the slightest bit better strictly off gear and not the 2 MP5 quality runes we’ve received this phase, if you’re topping the meters in your ST group, that just means the other people you play with are terrible at their class which in turn make you shine that much more. I was 4th overall dps in my 2 ST’s I’ve ran, it jumps from 3rd being well above 1k dps, to me sitting at 700-800ish. with the rest of the dps under me being fresh 50’s and not even pre-bised, while still doing relatively similar dps. I’m sitting at 712 iLvl.


how out of touch are you? we are tied with shadow priest for worst caster only slightly above frost mage, all the way at the bottom.

saying, “Oh I out dps my guildies” just means your guildies are trash lol.

The runes we got this phase were next to worthless, making hurricane decent on trash packs and extending our dots. Meanwhile other classes got giga dps runes. Like okay.


And shadow priest are the highest value class. They are doing more healing than dedicated healers already. They need to make VE apply damage instead of healing with a rune. Or they can’t buff them without being beyond broken. But balance Druids are just straight trash.

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The rune that extends DoT/HoTs should also let them crit. There is no excuse for it to not to in a world where Mental Dexterity exists.

I’m just chuckling because y’all are just showing that you don’t know what you’re talking about and blaming your less than stellar play on your class.

Hi, go to warcraft logs right now, you absolute donut brain.


You’re averaging… 710 DPS in ST… While others are averaging 300-400 more dps than you… and you don’t feel weak? I saw your logs, the colors mean nothing if the class is weak in comparison, there are warriors averaging 800 dps doing purple lol. Just cause on your logs its showing orange and 1 pink bro… DOES NOT mean you’re doing well in a comparison. You cannot be this blind.

Prime example my friend: Warrior in my guild 89 purple parse doing 976.9 dps for the fight.

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Keeping up with 90% melee players means balance is in a good place. Please learn to read log data.

You are not. keeping. up. with 90% melee… LOLOL you’re delirious.