Will Balance Druids ever be a competitve DPS caster class?

Three phases in a row now where Balance Druids are sitting near the bottom of the caster classes, along with Shadow Priests. The only area where we are good, is group PvP, where we can hide and actually free cast. Why do devs just hate this spec? It was a meme in vanilla and it’s bascially a sad utility bot in raids. Will there ever come a time where we aren’t a joke of a dps? Our runes this phase were HORRIBLY BORING and provided an incredibly tiny dps gain. Melee keep getting huge dps boosts, on top of their crazy scaling with new gear. I feel like the only thing that I’m discovering right now, is that balance is still an afterthought and that phase 4 is just gonna be like how it was in classic all over again.

Casters also keep getting completely shafted in these new raids, with mechanics that require only us to move, all while melee get to zug and never have to worry about moving out of melee range. Can we PLEASE get a raid where casters can just turret and melee have to actually do something? Any time we have to interrupt a starfire cast, we lose an insane amount of dps, since the devs decided to load our entire kit behind it.


Define “competitive DPS” first. Do you want to be a top 5 DPS? I doubt that will ever happen. Do you want to be within 5% of all classes DPS? Then yeah that will happen after the outliers are nerfed.

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I think they are good in p1 of cata and p1 of wrath. I quit after that so I don’t know if they had any other times to shine.

The unfortunate thing, if you are banking on Cata :wink: , is that sp become really good in p1 as well, and they compete for the same raid slot.

Balance is OP in prelaunch and early raid phases, so I sorta expected more out of them in SOD.

I give a hoot about the future of owl kind, so I have my fingers crossed for ya.

boomkin druids freaking delete people in seconds from a completely safe range. no complaining about how busted u already are. stop.


ya…if you totally ignore them


safe distance clearly means nothing to u, they will keep u from getting to them

the Devs dont care about druids in general its been a thing forever, giving druids improved barkskin when they gave shaman’s shamanistic rage is laughable, it’s 20$ reduction plus RAID WIDE MANA REGEN, and druids get a 1 person innervate and the trash version of barkskin


I heal only Moonkin in Wintergrasp. Any non-Moonkin who gets hit with my Wild Growth growth is obligated to click it off because I did not intend to heal them.

Not sure what gave you the impression that that’s going to happen. 3 phases and we have been considerably behind all other casting classes, so what exactly makes you think the end of phase 3, or even phase 4, is going to be any different? Melee are absolutely busted this phase already, and they aren’t even geared yet.


i just wanna do more dps than a hunter pet bro…


It reminds me of phase 1 all over again. Why do the devs absolutely hate this spec? Might as well be playing vanilla at this point.


Hopefully not unless we’re willing to reallocate out a huge chunk of the non-replicated Druid utility - such as Insect Swarm, Moonkin Aura, LOTP, Wild Strikes, MOTW, Brez, Innervate, Rebirth, etc.

You can’t have all the fancy/unique/special toys, and crush the meters.

If we’re going to drop some of the over-the-top non-replicated utility and share it out to some other classes - I’d be all for Druid being higher damage.

Currently they’re doing literally half the DPS of several classes and it’ll only get worse as classes start getting gear and boomies legitimately just don’t scale at all. Especially rogue and warrior.

Boomie now below frost mage even…


It’s honestly sad at this point. P4 is going to be giga melee favored like it always has been, so I’m not hopeful for any help at this point. I don’t know how devs can be so out of touch with this spec. I feel like it’s some personal grudge or something.

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“Not at the bottom of dps meters”.

I don’t need to be “top 5”, I just don’t want to be lingering at the bottom with the tanks.

Kinda hard to cast Starfire if you are running away in travel form.



The downside of being a jack-of-all-trades class is that you get to be a master of none.

We had Shadow Priests at ST as top dps and outhealing the healers…

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Dude why are you coming here talking about PvP when the entirety of the thread is PVE?