Wildhammer playthrough

Hey. So I’ve been wanting to do a Wildhammer Dwarf immersive playthrough to go into Dragonflight, but it’s been a long while since I played the game outside of end game, so I was wondering if anyone knew where the heavy Wildhammer Clan quest areas are? I was planning to start with the Dwarf starting zone, but outside of that, I only remember the Twilight Highlands being mostly Wildhammer, but I think there are some EK zones that focus on it and I hope someone can help me out.

The only quest zone areas that I remember were.

Aerie Peak in Vanilla

Shadowmoon Valley in Burning Crusade

Twilight Highlands in Cataclysm.


Thanks. Wasn’t aware of Shadowmoon Valley quest. I’ll take a look at them. It seems Wetlands has them too.

The Shadowmoon and Aerie Peak quests don’t award any specific Wildhammer faction rep.

Oh I’m just looking to do quest for an RP Wildhammer run. I don’t care that much about the rep, just story.

Then your only important decision is choice of griffon!

Aye lad, the Wildhammer clan that accompanied the Sons of Lothar back in Warcraft when the Dark Portal were closed from Draenor side prior to its destruction. Ye see several Wildhammer Dwarves in Shadowmoon upon Outland. Tis where this Warrior and Gryphon Rider resided until the events of BC and ye Dark Portal bein’ reopened.

Aye, Tis a noble goal and one I do me’self. If in ye be needin’ any help on Wildhammer Lore 'r RP ye need nae look any further than me’self. Be glad ta help ya along yer path.

Be sure ye Dwarf has some proper Wildhammer Markin’s as well. We nae have any problems these days wit’ our Bronzebeard cousins, but if in ye goin’ play a Wildhammer ye best be lookin’ the part.

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