Wild growth ok, but PoM and Circle of Healing?

The Wild Growth change to prioritize players over pets it’s great, but it’s a shame you guys are doing this change only for Rdruids and nothing for Holy priests.
Hpriests Circle of healing also tends to heal pets and sometimes Prayer of Mending jumps to a pet and dies there which is a massive loss of healing.

If you are going to change that mechanic, then do it for all AoE heals that has this issue.

Specially considering Hpriest is the most underrepresented healer over all healer specs.
Not only that but Discipline priests can override your poms which also means a loss in healing.


Yea I’ve just read it, awesome they did this change for all healers.

Still prayer of mending sometimes jumps on pets and die there which is a shame and the conflict between discipline pom and Hpriest pom.

Any fight with enough damage it will bounce to the right people enough. Especially if you PoM people other than the tank

Please add Prayer of Mending to this! I’m constantly having to recast with 3-4 charges left after it just sits on a hunter pet for 20 seconds…

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imagine making this post before doing ANY research.


Not really, you wouldn’t believe how many times I have to recast PoM in heavy rot dmg fights like Valkyrs because PoM ended up on a DK pet or Hunter pet.

Looking up a random XT kill on my disc shows 5/36 bounces went to a pet.

0/52 bounces went to a pet on twins

Seems fine to me.

Holy priest is far from the most under represented, i see them more than any other healers. Discipline is by far more under represented.

This is the Wrath of the Lich King Classic forum.

Oh, my bad them, carry on yall

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