Wild Charge, old enough to drive?

I’d like to congratulate Wild Charge for getting its drivers license end of last year, after 16 years of being a mandatory pick talent.

It didn’t go the lame baseline way like other favorite or required talents it stayed true to making us put that talent point there or selecting it on that Tier 25 talent row to this day.

And no doubt SOON my fellow druids, Wild Charge will be voting come 2022, now do you feel old?


Except, you know, for that period when Displacer Beast was a thing.

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I would rather be forced to take Wild Charge than take Tiger Dash

Ahh I should have put in there Feral, I only think there was one encounter where displacer was the “ideal” choice…throgar maybe?

Displacer Beast was the ideal choice in nearly all situations. It outclassed Wild Charge at everything except getting more distance out of Flap, and having a longer CD.

It’s part of why Soulshape is both so good, and why it has such a long CD in comparison.

In BC is was just called feral charge, only castable in bear, and was a spell interrupt. I can’t remember when it was officially changed to wild charge, maybe wrath or cata.