Wide World of Quests bug?

Last night I completed BFA Pathfinder part 1. Yay for me.

However my wife did not and it was due to the Wide World of Quests portion of the achievement. When she looked it said that she needed 3 more world quests to hit 100.

Well, we did 6 more brand new worlds quests that I 100% know that she and I have never done (War Campaign quests on the Horde Continent which we have only just started dabbling in) and it still says she needs 3.

Is this a known issue? At this point I don’t even know where to tell her to focus on World quests to complete this if we did 6 that we have never done before and they did not count.

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It is entirely possible War Campaign quests don’t count for that achievement. While they are implemented as WQs they are not exactly the same. I would definitely try some other, regular WQs on the Horde continent to see if they count, as you say you have not done much there before.

I’m having the same issue. It’s stuck at 97. Idk what to do. I’m gonna bookmark this page please respond if she figures it out.

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I was just today at 99/100 for Wide World of Quests. I did the full cycle of Horde Attack on Tiragarde Sound and it didn’t change.
I then went and did a Tortollan Calligraphy WQ (that I had done some of before but not that shape) and it remained 99/100.
Finally I went to Drustvar and killed a rare (WQ) that I’m not sure I had done before… and it ticked over completing the achievment.
So my guess is that those invasions don’t count and you genuinely need to have done 100 unique ones to get the achieve.

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