<Wicked Mojo> Area 52 - US (morning raid)

Wicked Mojo
Area 52 - US

Raid Times: Wed + Thurs (9:30 AM - 11:30 AM eastern)
Looking For: reliable, consistent players: healers (with dps offspec,) mage, other ranged DPS

We are a chill, casual guild. We are currently 9/9 N 3/9 H, ready to push completely into heroic on January 3rd. We also have people who push keys every week.

Feel free to let me know if you are interested, and I’ll get you onto the right path for joining us! Feel free to add my btag: DruidBern#1380. I’m online nearly all day and night.

Im currently leveling an Evoker, plan to heal/dps(Devastation) once Im max level. Are you accepting those working towards being able to raid? I just returned to game after a 2.5 year break and morning raiding is ideal for me with my work schedule.

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Absolutely! We welcome all!

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Awesome! My Evoker is named Galaxyo.

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Hpally here! would love to talk more

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Awesome! You can add my btag DruidBern#1380