Why you gotta do Dracthyr like this

I wouldn’t mind the lack of xmog if our tier sets actually showed on our body.



least they could have done was added the few extra options into the barber shop version of armor selection.


Yeah this is pretty depressing. Here I was hoping for at least unlocking more mog like we do for our dragonriding mounts

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I want to make my own sets for my Dracthyr through transmog. I want a reason to go farm mail transmog.

I really hope they change this

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That still doesn’t work. You can’t just add the barbershop armour to the transmog system and call it a day because you can’t hide pants. For me, that is the biggest problem. I do not want ANY mail on my Dracthyr. If they just integrated the barbershop armour into the system we have now I would be able to hide some pieces, choose some pieces, be stuck with a mostly naked Visage, and have pants I do not want and can’t get rid of.

Not until you can choose other races.

When I preview mogs sometimes it previews as dracthyr. Idk if its a visual bug or them working on making more mogs work with dracthyr with custom fittings. I will say that the head shape makes helms look weird. But its better then just mogging shoulders snd belts.

Even then, unless they give use a glyph to stay in visage and or immediately reverse back to visage in combat after using an ability that forces dracthyr form - it’s still lame

Can’t argue that point. BUT at least it’s a little less lame. : /

I want them to fix up Devoker first before considering transmog rn tbh

It is. I hate being an elf lmao


Don’t get me started! Elves are just the worst. The worst.


How do those make transmog impossible? If you wanna be naked just do “hide armor”. If pants are an issue they can just let Dracthyr hide armor on that too.

Existing, most likely. Hard to argue with that though :laughing:

thats not what im saying though. its not impossible to set specific rules for the xmog system. meaning. simply have all slots hide able for Dracthyr only via the xmog system. and further, its not a replace X with Y suggestion its "we have X, give us the option to Choose Y as well. a toggle.

since each armor slot has a none option there is no reason that cant remain true via the xmog system’s implementation for the dragons. but maybe its in the state that its in because of technical limitations. the way its programmed may be conflicting which is why its hard coded to be not xmog able separately simplifying how it determines what state the character options are in may grant more options without removing them.

as a side argument, let us hide the leg slot for all races. give us more under garment options than the default ones. add in more Xmog that is relatively exclusive to npc characters. due to the pants slot being un hide able certain looks that npcs have are not obtainable. unless you wear cloth. other armor types cant do that. but one theme, the barbarian/Berserker is stuck wearing a bunch of plate armor that doesnt lean into this.

and for some reason the game only lets the female character model get close to that.

The mechanical reason for not using armor on a Berserker is that it allowed for better cool down of the body being pushed to its limits. wearing full pate. you might as well put on a winter coat before you go exercising in the summer. (the body would over heat real fast)

but in any case, it shouldn’t be too hard to at least have an exception for Dracthyr such that dragon from and Visage form are xmog’d separately and for Dracthyr to have the pants slot with a hide slot option.

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If they make the Vile Fumigator’s Mask transmoggable, I will level my warlock right now.

So… Are they turning on grey and white item transmog, or are the geckos just getting uppity again?

It’s impossible because you can’t hide pants. However, even if they let us, if they enabled transmog straight up without changing anything, it would mean that if you wished to use the barbershop armour rather than mail you would have to hide everything. It would mean that in order to use the barbershop armour on your Dracthyr, you would need to be completely naked.

It’s why they need to separate the forms. I want my Dracthyr to be in nothing but a belt equivalent, but I do not really want to have my Visage form running around in nothing but its underwear to do so.

I am all for more options. If they can find a way for to make the people who want mail happy without taking away the options we have now, than I highly support it. It’s just, I never use Visage, and I really like my Dracthyr boy with just his belt. The fact that I didn’t have to show normal mail armour was actually a selling point for the race for me.

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