Why XP buff in new season?

It’s based on Classic. You have the old world, the old quests, the older skill trees etc. unfortunately that’s where it ends beingClassic (imo)
I’d wager a lot of the players don’t play Era.

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Where are you trying to go with this? You can go play version 1.12 in classic era. This is version 1.15… a VERSION of classic.

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So they’re both versions of Classic, and one is Classic, but the other is not Classic?

Been working hard on that reply. Good luck!

If you want to get technical then yes. 1.12 is classic. Classic ended where the true vanilla ended. 1.15 is a version of classic but is no longer purely classic.

In reality, 1.12 is a version of the 1.12 that existed in 2006. (true vanilla) The 2019 1.12 was not the exact same as the 1.12 2006 version. Therefore, it’s a version of it.

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No one wants to level you see everyone spamming 5 mans and pre-questing? its not cause they “love leveling”

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Cool! So the language they used

is not disqualified by the word “version”.

SoD is Classic, or at least intended to be.

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SoD utilizes the classic engine and over game design. It’s not purely classic, but yet just a version of it. It’s intended to be different, otherwise, we would still be on 1.12 and not 1.15. The moment it went beyond 1.12, it stopped being true classic.

but, good lort child. I’m done trying to explain simple things to you. It’s like talking to a dang wall.

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You’re struggling because your argument is logically inconsistent.

no, I’m struggling because you have the comprehension skills of a kindergartener.

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You’re struggling because people don’t like to admit they’re wrong on the internet, need to argue endlessly, even when they’ve talked their way into a corner, as you have.

Again, you’re failing to read. It’s a VERSION of Classic. Versions are different. That’s what the word “version” means.

It may be helpful if you consult a dictionary when you do not know what a word means.

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We just unpacked this. “Version” is not a disqualifier. Keep up.

And yet, you’re still not getting it somehow.

The word version means different. That’s a definition. That’s why SoD is different from other forms of Classic WoW you’ve played. It’s because it’s a VERSION of Classic WoW.

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…Let me hold up a mirror for you. Now this to yourself.

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Ahh, the old “no you”. The hallmark of an intellectual giant.

Read this and answer it for me.

This depends on the definition of Classic and Vanilla.

Answer this for me, what is the definition of the word “version”?


I’m not answering anything until you answer my simple question.

Right, that’s because you can’t. That’s why Blizzard has continued to ignore your arguments about “muh leveling” experience.

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Bloom, I thought you were more intellectual than this. You’re clearly deflecting because you know where this leads.