Why WoW Isn't Fun Anymore: A 17-Year-Old's Perspective


Honestly the people that are hammering about the video itself aren’t interested in your thoughts. They haven’t made a single comment that’s relevant to the state of the game or the points you put in the video (which I’m going to watch shortly) I appreciate you making a video on it and if you decided to make it a post I would still appreciate it as equally.

(Genegerbread) #19

Fair enough. I understand where you’re coming from. Our criticism of the game is being beaten to death. I don’t disagree!

I did this more to compile what I’ve said in the past so I have all of my gripes in one place. Blizzard most likely won’t do anything, but I might as well try to share my thoughts as concisely as possible.

(Meritha) #20

I wouldn’t be asking him to share his thoughts if I weren’t interested in his thoughts. Maybe I am weird, but I don’t waste time asking someone to do something that I am not interested in seeing. Maybe you do though…


I don’t care if you make snarky comments towards me. Through my observation which is my opinion that has been presented in my first post related to this thread. If the comments I’ve made doesn’t concern you I don’t see the point of you replying to me at all.


You have some really good ideas and you did a really good job making this video. I don’t necessarily agree with everything you said, but you were well-versed and made watching the video pleasant.

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If you don’t want to be called out on an inaccurate statement, then don’t make inaccurate statements. You could have added what you wanted to say without the dig of “no one talking about the video cares what you have to say”. You started it, I just followed up.

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Thanks! That was my goal. I didn’t want to sound like I was bashing the game. I love this game, and that wasn’t what I was trying to do at all.

It was more of a critique of its current state, I suppose.

(Genegerbread) #27

I’ve been making points for months. I had fun making this video, and I thought people would enjoy watching a video. It seems many people are enjoying it!

If you’d like, I could transcribe the entire video.


I don’t know what you mean by I started anything. I didn’t make an inaccurate statement at all. If the original post was to make an thread to promote discussion they did so in video format. If you came to this thread without viewing the video but just say say I don’t want to watch the video or say they are promoting themselves that is as I said you don’t have an interest in his thoughts. You on the other hand made it very clear you would like a text based version and there isn’t any problem with that.

You’re trying to combat me just for the sake of doing so. This is extremely off topic and we shouldn’t let it go on any further at risk of debunking the thread.

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You don’t need to go through that much effort. A few bulletpoints to touch on things would be sufficient. :slight_smile:

edit: Saying “I posted everything before” is great and all, but you are one of many and you haven’t made enough of an impression (not an insult I promise) for me to see your name and say “Oh this is the guy that…”


I disagree with the view on lfr, it exists for people that would not do the raid under normal circumstances. I just think of the higher difficulties of raiding as M+ modifiers to the raid. People should just ignore lfr and do not do it if they do not like it.

Other than that:
-I agree with your view on guilds, they only exist for higher end content atm.
-I agree with your view world quests, man it has gotten stale. I especially dislike the champion’s of azeroth and tortollian ones.
-I agree with your view on class design.

I really do miss when blizzard was about making fun and engaging content. Currently it feels like I only do stuff for the rewards and that makes it feel even more bland, boring, and grindy than it already is.

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I come to a message board to read.
I go to video sites to watch videos.

So not watching a video posted on a message board.

(Genegerbread) #32

I understand where people are coming from when they disagree with the statements on LFR. There are a few things about LFR that I actually do think should stay, whether it be that people just don’t have much time or that, as you said, it’s still a difficulty under normal.

I guess it’s one of those things that has its ups and downs, which I sorta failed to state in this video.


Well, it’s one of the things that have most fundamentally shifted WoW.

LFR has two main problems. It hurts the community, and it inflates gear. Both of those are larger problems that exist outside of LFR, but it has been the primary driver in those two areas. And then those two problems filter through the rest of the game causing ever more problems.

(Meritha) #34

I disagree with both of these comments.

  1. Community: The people doing LFR were never a part of your community and were never going to be a part of your community. If LFR were removed this very moment, the raiding community would likely not noticeably increase in size. (If you meant something different by community, please let me know.)

  2. Gear: Pretty much the entire issue stems from WF/TF. LFR ilvls weren’t really an issue prior to Legion.


1- Maybe not all of them, but I bet some were. And even more were people that would be getting to the point of doing the older xpac raids. But now they don’t have to as there is a zero resistance method of doing it.

2- Flat out wrong. LFR, WQs, Incursions and other things gift gear with stats that far outweigh the effort it took to get them. Which further removes content from the game.

(Meritha) #38

We aren’t going to agree with this, I don’t raid anymore, but I have always been of the mind (and I see nothing changing it) that people that adamantly refuse to run anything from LFR are not people I would want to raid with. That sounds mean, I don’t mean it that way… Let’s say I were a professional basketball player, I wouldn’t have any interest in someone doing granny shots under the basket in the park on a Saturday joining my team.

You honestly think that WQ being 355, LFR being 370, Normal being 385, Heroic being 400, and Mythic being 415 is an issue? How many ilvls do you need to be separated?


Fantastic video. Agree with most points, not all, but most. Either way, well done. It’s clear you love WoW and just want it to be better, as we all do.

(Fliktarg) #40

my idea to “fix” lfr is to keep it in but make it reward at maximum 335 gear for uldir and 355 for BoD. The gear can’t titanforge nor warforge. It is sub par gear befitting the difficulty of it being essentially a big heroic dungeon. Normal mythic dungeons are more difficult than lfr. They shouldn’t be rewarded equal or better gear for it.

An argument exists that every player deserves to get to see the story regardless of their skill level because they pay a sub like everyone else however that doesn’t mean they deserve to get good or even decent gear.

(Genegerbread) #41

This is actually a great idea. That way, there’s not much progression that can go on through the minimal effort required by LFR, but they can still see the story and experience what’s going on.