Why WoW Isn't Fun Anymore: A 17-Year-Old's Perspective

(Genegerbread) #1

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(Fallynn) #2

I’d say this is advertising, but people bring up a good point–are creators able to put up their videos so long as they’re not getting monetary benefit? If so, good luck with your video and such. While I don’t care to watch a complaint video, I wish you the best anyway. I hope it doesn’t get nailed for being an ad.

(Genegerbread) #3

Thanks. My goal isn’t to advertise to become more popular. It’s just to create a discussion I guess. I hope Blizzard realizes this. Might as well make an edit to mention that to be safe!


Honestly, one of the better videos that I’ve seen about WoW’s current state. Good job!

(Fallynn) #5

Ok cool, like I said, good luck with your youtubing! Pretty hard to put a video all together and the heart into it. I plan on making one myself soon too. I wish we knew the CoC better on that sort of thing :stuck_out_tongue: Since it’s a creator sharing stuff.

(Genegerbread) #6

Definitely! Good luck with your YouTube channel!

(Meritha) #7

You may want to summarize your feelings here rather than ask people to go watch a video. Mind you, I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with videos, but this forum is for active conversation.


LFR bashing right out the gate. This won’t go well with a lot of players.

(Sevaira) #9

Good Video, I don’t entirely agree with everything. I still think there is a place for LFR and the Queue system but I agree with the TF/WF being an issue point. I really agree with you on the guild and community stuff. I mean they have done nothing to aid the guild process in years.

(Annastasi) #10

if this were true, you’d have simply made your points here, rather than linking to your youtube channel.


Sometimes it’s better to watch a video than read. Who wants to read a whole long page of thoughts when you can simply watch and just hear a 17minute video on his thoughts instead.

(Meritha) #12

People that want to use the forum for its intended purpose rather than feed views to someone.

edit: I mean he can do what he wants, but if he was actually interested in gathering opinions then it wouldn’t just be a video since most people aren’t going to take the time to go watch it.

(Sevaira) #13

I was just thinking this exact thing. This is a way better format if you have a long list of points to make, better than than someone spewing out 8 pages worth of text and expect me to read it.

(Fallynn) #14

Offering both though might be helpful to both kinds of people. Video, and then of course the writing.

(Arwenna) #15

I’d sort of like to read about your perspective.

(Genegerbread) #16

That was kind of my point with this video. I’ve been sharing my gripes through comments for months (you can check my profile if you want to see my opinion through text!). I thought it’d be nice to compile it into a 17-minute video so you can just listen and take it in.


I have to confess in the nicest possible way I can think of…
One of the last things I want to do is listen to a 17 year old go on for 17 minutes about things that’s probably no different than what anyone else has already said a thousand times over on the forums.


Honestly the people that are hammering about the video itself aren’t interested in your thoughts. They haven’t made a single comment that’s relevant to the state of the game or the points you put in the video (which I’m going to watch shortly) I appreciate you making a video on it and if you decided to make it a post I would still appreciate it as equally.

(Genegerbread) #19

Fair enough. I understand where you’re coming from. Our criticism of the game is being beaten to death. I don’t disagree!

I did this more to compile what I’ve said in the past so I have all of my gripes in one place. Blizzard most likely won’t do anything, but I might as well try to share my thoughts as concisely as possible.

(Meritha) #20

I wouldn’t be asking him to share his thoughts if I weren’t interested in his thoughts. Maybe I am weird, but I don’t waste time asking someone to do something that I am not interested in seeing. Maybe you do though…